When is This Crook Moving to Shepparton? – Before or After the Essential Inquiry into This Race and the Stewards Supposedly Policing It?

The mail is that talented Tasmanian harness racing trainer/driver Conor Crook has applied for and been granted 16 boxes at the newly constructed Shepparton Training Centre in Victoria, if and when it is ever completed (more on that later). His move can’t come quick enough for Tassie punters, who to a person are sick and […]

The Most Blatant Case of Race Fixing Ever Seen – Ben Yole, Robert Walters and Mark Pitt Should Get Life – The Inside Man at HRV Should Too

https://www-harness-org-au.akamaized.net/vic/ECC31052209.mp4 Ben ‘Chainsaw’ Yole brought two horses all the way from Tasmania last night to race in the 9th at Echuca. One was Machavelli, a 7-year-old rating 37 mare who had won 5 of her 43 starts in the Apple Isle over the past 2 seasons.¬†She was drawn in the one gate and driven by […]

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