What’s a Share in One.Tel Worth? – About as Much as a Chief Steward Chadwick Directive

Adrian Layt is a Queensland based jockey whose official riding weight is registered as 56.5kg. Layt hasn’t ridden under 55kg (plus 1kg gear allowance) for donkey’s years. Yesterday at Townsville he was permitted to ride a horse in race 4 named Riverside Special. It was weighted at 54kg. A. Layt was never a hope of […]

The Weightless Girth

So jockey Brad Pengelly comes back to scale on Kasinova Kid, the winner of the last race at Rocky on the 13th of December last year, and on his way to weigh-in he slips his mount’s girth to the horse’s trainer  Nick Walsh. Walsh hides the girth behind his back. The pair get sprung. Pengelly […]

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