EXCLUSIVE: The Teacher Pets Trial – For the Want of a Nail, The Kingdom Was Lost – The Crown Has Stuffed the Whole Thing Up From the Start – Chris Dawson Walks

The Crown alleges that on or about 8 January 1982 the accused, alone or with the involvement of another person or persons, murdered Lynette Dawson.  Then, or later, the accused possibly with assistance disposed of her body at an unknown location.  The Crown puts its case against the accused that he was motivated to kill his […]

You Always Read It First Here

Do you remember me telling you a couple of months back that the QRIC and it’s long-time Chief Vet Dr Martin Lenz would soon be parting ways? Well, I guess we were right. What a surprise hey? You always read it first here. Dr Martin Lenz to Leave the QRIC

The Teacher’s Pet – Is It Proper to Liken a Judge to a Paedophile When Reporting on a Trial?

Hawtrey last hit the headlines in 1984, when a rent boy set his house on fire. Newspaper photographs showed him naked except for a blanket without his toupee. Four years later he died as a result of peripheral vascular disease. https://laurenceraw.tripod.com/id481.html He was sacked from the Carry Ons in 1972 after turning up drunk for […]

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