The Best Named Horse All Night

Given that the we’re right in the middle of the high-profile murder trial of the same name, the pacer Teacher’s Pet was the best named horse all night at Redcliffe on Wednesday, and quite possibly the omen bet of the century too when it took out the 2nd heat of the Trot Rods. Sadly the […]

Sometimes the Good Guys Win

The McDowell family of Allied Express fame have put a huge amount of money into harness racing over five decades, and won some real good races along the way too. Through the Allied Express company they are one of the biggest sponsors of the sport in NSW, and passionate devotees of it too, not that […]

Stepping Over a Bleeding Grandmother to Get to the Movies on Time – Integrity, South Australian Style

Santa and the reindeer brothers grim What happened yesterday when the Stewards allowed a race to start while a distressed horse was lying stricken on the ground stuck under the gates was an outrage, an absolute disgrace. They did it because the race was running real late, and they didn’t want to lose their spot […]

Would You Let an Employee Charged With Raping a Co-Worker Keep Coming to Work? – Then Why is the RIB?

A 29 year old South Island NZ trot driver today appeared in court charged with indecent assault of a young harness racing industry employee. A trainer for Woodend Beach appeared with him on that charge, two further counts of indecent assault against the same woman, and further charges of aggravated assault, assault and dishonestly acquiring […]

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