Can Mr Brightside Stay?

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Alligator Blood’s walk, crawl, sprint win in the Underwood last week was the seemingly disappointing run in the race of Mr Brightside, who only a fortnight ago was being talked about as a leading contender for Cox Plate glory. I will be happy if I am wrong, but I […]

Summit of a Mystery

I wonder why all of a sudden Summit Bloodstock are putting tried horses that they buy for their American trucking magnate mate Doug Overhiser directly into his name instead of theirs? Probably for the same reason that so many of the ABR Ladies Syndicate members don’t really exist. Tax. Summit aren’t hobbyists any more. They […]

Hello Jack – Are You Really a Good Trainor? – Or Are You a Drug Cheat? – What About You Kerry-Anne? Or You Buckingham? – You Look Like Placenta People to Me

It’s one of those things that’s easy to test for but it’s just they can’t mark it property so they don’t really know when you gave it. But you know now that they have the rule that it should be four and up and you really have no excuse if they found it in your […]

Dougie Come Lately Drops $2.1 Mil on Yearlings at Lexington – Not Bad For a Man Who Lives in a $300k House in the Chicago Burbs and Owns One Truck

Doug Overhiser is the man. No-one outside of Medivet Equine circles had ever heard of him until 2 years ago, but don’t let that worry you, for no-one had heard of his business partner Summit Bloodstock until then either. Now they are the biggest  harness racing buyers/owners in the USA and Oz respectively, and share […]

A Reader’s View

Good morning, As a loyal harness racing follower I was horrified to read this morning that Harness Racing Victoria have employed Ryan Phelan as the face of their industry and that they have continued the association with Adam Hamilton. Ryan Phelan was charged with domestic violence and in a public relationship with an escort. This […]

The Sacked Bombers Boss is a Loony

Every member of the church that sacked Essendon boss Andrew Thoburn leads has to pledge allegiance to the tenets below. They are lunatics one and all in my opinion, even though good dose of happy clapping might have actually helped the Bombers. Here is my irreverent but heart felt take on some of the Church […]

Anyone Looking For a Job?

Current market $2.00 Wade Hadley $3.00 Steve Railton $5.00 Kim Kelly ($1.04 if he starts) $6.00 John Oatham (NZ) $8.00 A Pommie Steward $12.00 Kane Ashby $18.00 Terry Bailey $33.00 A Woman $66.00 Zara Phillips $100.00 Wade Birch $10 001 Ben Dorries $20 001 Ben Currie $12.00 Any Other Runner  

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