This is Bad, Real Bad

At the 400m mark in the fast class race at Addington on Thursday night the good class pacer Dance Time snapped his back left leg. You can see it in the picture at the top and in the video below. It was obviously hugely painful, and you can’t walk on broken legs, or shouldn’t anyway […]

Why Did Steel Prince Die? – And Why Have Sam Freedman and the Mainstream Racing Media Called the Cause of Death Before the Body Has Even Gone Cold?

“He’s been an amazing horse for the whole stable and his owners and sadly, had a heart attack coming out of the gates” – Sam Freedman Steel Prince has long been an unsound galloper. The 8-year-old horse only raced 33 times in 5 years. Due to various injuries and problems he has spent 2 of […]

Stepping Over a Bleeding Grandmother to Get to the Movies on Time – Integrity, South Australian Style

Santa and the reindeer brothers grim What happened yesterday when the Stewards allowed a race to start while a distressed horse was lying stricken on the ground stuck under the gates was an outrage, an absolute disgrace. They did it because the race was running real late, and they didn’t want to lose their spot […]

The NZ RIB Haven’t Got a Clue How to Solve the Scourge of Drugs in Racing, So It Switches Its Focus to Free Hits Instead

Everyone in the thoroughbred and harness racing industries both in NZ and Australia knows that the greatest issue in either sport is the use of performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). Certain leading stables in both codes are implementing wholesale doping programs to gain an edge on their rivals, and it is making them millions of dollars […]

Okay, Here is Question For You – Why Hasn’t Chainsaw’s Tassie Dog Trainer Mate Anthony Bullock Been Warned Off?

ONE of Tasmania’s most experienced greyhound trainers Gavin Whitney has been disqualified for life after being found guilty of using an animal skin which was believed to have been used while educating young greyhounds. Stewards discovered the skin, believed to be that of a wallaby, during a routine kennel inspection on September 12. Whitney was […]

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