Bonnington: An Utterly Perplexing Night of Racing

It is not often that I fully agree with Jason Bonnington. I do here. ————————————————- From a purely cultural perspective, the chasm between regional and urban Australia has never been greater. And based on Saturday night’s metropolitan trotting results, this chasm may extend to standardbreds as well. Last weekend, Shepparton hosted top-class racing action to […]

The Rising Sun Turns Out to Be an Eclipse

Leap To Fame Ripp  Ladies In Red  Better Eclipse Kashed Up  Beyond Delight Big Wheels  Captain Crusader  Ideal Dan  Manila Playboy  Sebs Choice  Spring In His Step  (Not in barrier order) Last year the Rising Sun had Copy That, Amazing Dream, Expensive Ego, Krug and Spirit of St Louis in it. This year we’ve got […]

Adam and the Ants Get Lost in Time

Have I gone mad, even more so than I have ever been? Harness racing ‘expert’ Adam Hamilton reckons that the Inter Dominion – run in November December – is programmed too early in the harness racing season. Hall of Fame trainer Anthony Butt agrees. This is what he said: In the past, owners and trainers […]


Sometimes you just look at something and have to shake your head. This Stewards report is two of them. How was Jilliby Kung Fu disadvantaged by track conditions? The winner of the big one – the QLD Sun, the very next race – came from exactly the same position up the sprint lane, as did […]

The Great Mysteries of Life

There are many mysteries in life that I don’t understand. Where we came from. Why people believe in religion. Whether humans really ever landed on the moon. If we did, why 50 years later we still haven’t gone back. What the hell the Movie Eyes Wide Shut was all about. Why Kim Kardashian got butt […]

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