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Alabar Buy Half of Ride High – And Get the Bargain of the Century


I’ve known about the Ride High sale deal all week, but was sworn to secrecy.

The Southern Hemisphere’s leading studmaster Alan Galloway of Alabar has bought a half share.

I know the price, but have undertaken to keep it under my hat. Let me just say that’s a complex cross-deal in which both Ride High’s owner Peter Gleeson and Alabar each give away plenty, and gain a bit too.

Regardless of the terms, in my humble view Alabar have secured the bargain of the century.

Sure they don’t get any of the prizemoney earnings for the next two years, but who cares?

This horse is going to break the world record for sure and certain, and it will do it in Australia too.

Then it will go to the USA and break it again.

The first sub 1.46.0 horse in history will be worth more money as a stallion than an average person like you or me could ever dream of, and if – as I suspect – it breaks 1.45 Ride High will be worth more than a Faberge Egg.

Congratulations to Alabar.

Let’s just hope for Alan Galloway’s sake that it never throws a positive.

Buy your ticket, take the ride.

Just make sure you strap in real tight, because this horse flies.


I Hate to Break the Bad News to the QRIC – But TCO2 Isn’t a Substance – Heather Warland’s Been Done Like a Dinner


You can have a litre of milk, or a litre bottle of Jim Beam, or pay for petrol by the litre, but it’s the milk, bourbon and petroleum gasoline that are the substances not the litre.

A litre is just a measure.

TCO2 is too.

It measures the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, nothing more, nothing less.

You can’t breach the Australian Harness Racing Rules by your horse racing when not free of TCO2 above the prescribed threshold. You only breach it by the TCO2 reading showing that you have used alkalinising agents, they being the actual prohibited substance.

It is pretty hard to breach AHR.190(1) when, by the QRIC’s own published reckoning, your reading is under the threshold too.


And a prohibited substance is not a drug.

Not unless you call the bicarb that you put with dough when baking bread a narcotic, which most people don’t, including those who create and enforce the drug schedules in this Wide Brown Land.

So given that Heather Warland’s horse

  • was not alleged to have had alkalinising substances in its blood
  • recorded a TCO2 level above 35.0 and below 36.0

how did she found guilty of a breach of rule 190(1) for presenting her horse to race when it had a prohibited substance in its system that caused it to return a TCO2 level reading at or above 36.0 millimoles per litre in plasm?

How did the Egyptians build the pyramids, or the ancient Poms move the rocks to create Stonehenge?

Who knows.

All I know is that Heather’s been robbed.

Big time.

It’s Not What a Bikini Shows – It’s What it Doesn’t – And Therein Lies Your Problem With Lazarus, The Duddest Root of the 21st Century

We have been telling you for some time now that the reports that we’ve been receiving about the super pacer turned stallion Lazarus from breeders in the USA are very, very different than the positive PR tales being spun by those with vested interests in the now second-year stallion’s stud success.

It is widely known that Lazarus suffered crippling virulence problems in his first Australian breeding season that left the owners of many high class mares bereft of a foal for the year. These have been explained away by his local owner Club Menangle with all manner of tall tales, predominantly centred around supposed heat stress issues that the horse suffered during his transport to Australia.


Do the owners of $4 million stallions stick them in cattle class on the bottom floor of the cargo section where the air is all hot and sticky, and their man is going to sweat like a pig do they? That’s news to me. My mates horses – good and bad – always travel in climate controlled, air conditioned transports when they are moving by air.

If it is true – price 1 million to 1 – any breeder whose mare didn’t conceive to Laz last year should sue Club Menangle for negligence, and the authorities should move in on them on suspicion pf animal welfare abuse too.


Lazarus shoots 2 blanks out of every 3 shots because he’s a dud. That’s the cold hard truth, and it doesn’t matter how much spin Club Menangle, their US partners Taylor Made and Deo Volente, or NZ bloodstock agent John Curtin bowl at you, that’s the cold, limp truth.

Lazarus served a full book of mares in his first US season they claim, even though he actually served only 136.

From those 136 broodies, he produced just 36 registered foals.


That’s just over 1 in 4.

In other words, shocking.

In Sweet Lou’s first year he serviced 140 mares, and produced 97 foals.

That’s two out of three.


Always B Miki did even better.

He serviced the same number of mares (140), and returned 111 registered foals.


I could go on and on, and show you every top sire in the stud book, but to save boring you just take my word for it – none of them fire at under 50 percent, and the number shooting that wide are few, and hard to find.

Broodmare owners are being totally and utterly misled about Lazarus’ fertility.

We’re being told he’s a gun sire, when the facts and figures are crystal clear that he’s not.

Sure, the few he does leave might look like good types, but they might not too. The only people telling us that are those that own a slice of him, either through rights or residual trailing fees or syndicate shares or payments. Can you believe them? Are you that silly?

The numbers published in this story demonstrate beyond debate that Lazarus’ first year problems at stud were not just a Southern Hemisphere thing as we were all told. He was having the same dysfunction issues in the USA. They – all of them, Yirribee and Club Menangle included – just lied to breeders to cover it up.

I raised this months ago, but a couple of well-informed readers and breeders quite rightly pointed out that the foal registrations for the season were not complete.

Well they are now.

A wise man recently told me that statistics are like bikinis.

What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.

100 US mares out of 136 who went barren last season after a date with Laz.

That’s some hell of a bikini, isn’t it?

Don’t worry about going for a swim.

You’ve already been taken for a bath.







A Missive From the Glitter Strip Canal – The Doc on Artificial Insemination and Inbreeding

Paul Messara on Twitter: "Dr Geoff Chapman and Miracle Mal many ...

My Dear Geebung

One of the genetic problems with AI (artificial insemination), is that the strongest sperm from one ejaculate, doesn’t necessarily fertilise the egg, because it is used many times, which would not occur in the normal state.

As you would appreciate, with a normal service, where the strongest sperm wins the swimming race, this helps sustain the Laws of Natural Selection, thereby improving the herd.

(Editor’s note: The only thing I appreciate about sperm is ejaculating it)

Of course that doesn’t always occur, as we have seen with defective animals, but that is probably due to some other factor in the mare or the environment.

Hence it is the prime reason artificial insemination is outlawed in Thoroughbreds.

If it wasn’t, all the thoroughbreds running around would be by Star Kingdom or Danehill. Then all their recessive genes would become Dominant, from the inbreeding, and we would have many defective animals (eg. weak sesamoids in the Star Kingdom line), and they would all break down.

It is also the explanation for a particular stallion line fizzling out after 3-4 generations, because of their recessive defective genes (no one is perfect!) becoming dominant.

It is also capable of considerable rorting – use your imagination there. Apparently this happens a bit in the cattle and sheep business.

Now with gene testing they may be able to obviate this, but what would the testing cost? Probably more than the animal is worth.

In cattle and others, it doesn’t matter much, because all you’re trying to improve is butterfat in the milk or whatever, and we’re not dealing in seconds over 1600 metres.

Having said that, the Thoroughbred overall has done pretty well, as there is only a couple of seconds difference between most of them over say 1600 metres. Unfortunately, that is a difference of 1-24 metres, which separates the stars from the also rans.

It also explains the bell curve, and how you can get a good horse from “OUT of the WEST” by “CHRIST KNOWS WHO” for not much money.

Keep swinging,

(Editor’s note: Euchre player extraordinaire, doctor of dreams, scrumbase innovator, early adopter of head gear – which is why Doc still has all his considerable number of marbles – and a pretty fair horse trainer too. We won’t mention his goal kicking on windy days).

Welcome to the Clothes Optional APG Integrity Discotheque – Cover Charge? – The Truth


The APG mixed sales are up by 33.

It wouldn’t be hard.

There were just 121 entries last year, as opposed to 195 this time; and last year they only only sold about 60 horses.

Turnover is up too apparently.

Now that’s a surprise isn’t it?

When you sell 50 percent more horses one year than you did the last, you do tend to gross a little bit more in the way of sales.

It’s a shame that the average price per lot crashed through the floor, but never mind, what Dean Baring doesn’t tell you is what you don’t know, isn’t it?

There is one thing you do need to keep in mind though.

Last year most people bought and sold in the Harness Racing Australia run classified section the Trading Ring, but it was closed down just before Xmas, probably to give the APG a free kick is my guess.

So the increase in numbers is really nothing but a hook job.

But hey, we are talking about Dean Baring, David Boydell and their mates here, and this is the red hots.

So what the hell else could you expect?


Is that a tittie bar in the US?

Editor’s note – If you look closely at Deen’s disco dancers in the video below, it seems the music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid 2000’s was a boys club like APG too.

The APG Are Going That Bad That They Don’t Even Know What Year it Is


It’s hard to steer a straight course when you have a crook like Dean Baring holding the reins, as the latest banner headline from the Australian Pacing Gold website proves.

Um, Dean.

2020 sales are normally in 2020 old fruit, not in 2021.

Buy yourself one of these for Xmas will you?

Put in the APG credit card.

Why not?

You put everything else there don’t you?

I wonder if the board look closely at the monthly statements.

I reckon they should.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime

The Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime – the world’s most expensive watch. A snip at just $31 million. Harness Racing NSW spent that on just a couple of country tracks.

Did Gary Hall Jr Deliberately Drive the $1.75 Fave into the Barrier Arm to Make it Gallop? – You Be the Judge

The horse drawn in barrier 2 in this race at Gloucester Park on Tuesday night is Captain Mannering.

It was the $1.70 favourite.

Gary Hall Jr is the driver.

Some cynical trot watchers are suggesting that Mr Hall may have intentionally driven the Captain up and into the gate just as the starter was about to say go, for the purpose of making it gallop.

I personally find that hard to believe, because that would be cheating.

Gary’s brother Clint, who is disqualified for 8 years after trying to arrange a race fix, might be a cheat, but our Gaz ain’t.

Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

The quaddie paid alright with the tomato sauce knocked out of the first leg though, didn’t it?

Gee those buggers who got it were lucky. There was $17 000 in the pool. On a Tuesday night! There was only $700 in the NSW one.


I’d be backing the Captain next start myself.

Gaz has only had about 10 000 drives at Gloucester Park. He hasn’t quite got the swing of where the starting point is yet, so I think that as a consequence of his incompetence as a reinsman the fave was a little bit stiff.

How do these hopeless bastards get inducted into the Hall of Fame?

What do you reckon?





Only the Hapless Happy Joy Boys From APG Could Lose Money on an Online Sale – Very Soon Now They Will Be Losing Their Jobs – Hip Hip – Goodbye


The much vaunted APG mixed sale last week?

Gee that went well didn’t it?

103 of the 194 lots were passed in, as in unsold.

The remaining 91 horses that were sold grossed about $570 000 by my very quick and rough count.

That gives APG a sales commission of less than $50 000.

They made about $65 000 on the entry fees.

Their advertising, promotion, cataloguing, IT, legal,employee and administrative costs would have exceeded that, meaning that the genius’s running the company have actually managed to lose money.

On an online sale.

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Is it any wonder despite a pre-sale media blitz, not a word has been written, said or published about the sale since it ended?

This is the last gasp of a dying trough tin.

APG is not waving anymore, its drowning.

What’s Dean Baring going to do for a living now?

Perhaps he can go back to stealing water in a drought.

Give Baring, Robert Marshall and David Boydell gold medals.

APG Gold medals, for first prize in totally stuffing a good thing up.

Give them two.

The Gold’s all been melted down anyway, just like the company.

Hip Hip!



The Nutrien v APG Yearling Auction War is Won Before It Even Begins

The draft for the inaugural Nutrien Equine Standardbred yearling sale to be held next year is now finalised, and as we predicted a couple of weeks ago the number of entries is 300.

APG only sold about 500 in total last year.

It is now nothing but a fast fading corpse.

The comparative figures based on Nutrien’s draft set against the numbers from last year’s APG Sydney and Melbourne sales demonstrate it unequivocally.

Seven sires stand above all others as the highest selling producers, by a country mile.

Last year APG offered 225 of these seven sires yearling progeny.

Now Nutrien have 147 of them in their draft, leaving APG with just 78 to offer for sale.

It’s two to one.

APG’s end is nigh.

It is nothing but a dead horse walking.

Here are the numbers.

Read them and weep.

Or cheer, whichever you prefer.


ART MAJOR – Nutrien 31 APG 6

ALWAYS B MIKI – Nutrien 19 APG 7


BETTING LINE – Nutrien 22 APG 19



SWEET LOU – Nutrien 20 APG 0