Two Sides to a Story

What you see above is a story printed in yesterday’s WA’s main newspaper yesterday in which the Breeders Owners Trainers and Reinspersons Association (BOTRA) are critical of the Western Australian Trotting Association’s plans to redevelop its wholly owned asset Gloucester Park. Below is a letter sent to members by the WATA CEO Michael Radley in […]

Archie Takes on the Role of Spokesperson for Gloucester Park in Semi Satirical Look at the Members Questions and Answers About the Sale

HERITAGE LISTING LOCATION DETAILS Address: land bounded by Nile St, Nelson Ave, Waterloo Cres & Trafalgar Rd, East Perth – VFL 8/9/2010. Includes: Trotting Track; Main Entrance & Forecourts; Enclosure Totalisator; Leger Totalisator; Switchhouse; Birdcage; Birdcage Entrance; Birdcage Kiosk; Canary Island Palms; Track & other associated buildings & Plantings surrounding the track; and enclosed in […]

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