I Tell You What, I Must Be Going Blind – I Can’t See This Winner, and I Swear That Those Medicine Bottles From America Didn’t Have Lurch’s Name on Them

I have watched this replay of the finish of race 6 at the Ashburton trots yesterday 10 ten times, and I still can’t see a margin for the winner. Do I need new glasses? I dunno. One thing that I would like to know is why Korban Newman, one of the stable drivers for the […]

MarkEm Down StewPitt – The Greatest Trainer/Driver Combo Ever Seen – And of Course They Do it All Clean

Not only is Emma Stewart the greatest trot trainer ever to roam the earth, her partnership with formerly convicted and disqualified match cheat (overturned on appeal) sulky jockey Mark Pitt is the greatest trainer/driver combo in the long history of the harness racing sport. Together the pair have won 37 of their last 55 starts, […]

Whatever Happened to John Zielke?

Metro trainers premiership 2015/16 Seven years ago gallops trainer John Zielke was riding the crest of a wave, and enjoying a run of success that delivered the former security guard a million dollars in stake earnings in a single season. Zielke followed that magical 2015/16 run with seasons in which he earned more than half […]

Rob Heathcote’s Never Cheated, and Never Will – Stalin Wasn’t a Communist Either, and Mussolini Wasn’t Italian

Group 1 winning trainer Rob Heathcote insists he made an honest mistake in treating his horses with a banned product, which led to his runners being sensationally scratched by order of stewards at Doomben on Saturday. Heathcote admitted using a product called Hemoplex on his horses. The multiple Group 1 winner said he had been using […]

Re: Jones – Before and After Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill (or Over the Ditch Anyway)

Before ….. The Christians reckon that the greatest gift of all is the atonement of Jesus Christ. That’s typical happy clapping nonsense spouted by do-gooders who don’t punt. Everyone with half a brain knows that the greatest gift is a gift wrapped couple of bottle of Menangle’s finest. Delivered by a bloke who feels guilty […]

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