Hello Jack – Are You Really a Good Trainor? – Or Are You a Drug Cheat? – What About You Kerry-Anne? Or You Buckingham? – You Look Like Placenta People to Me

It’s one of those things that’s easy to test for but it’s just they can’t mark it property so they don’t really know when you gave it. But you know now that they have the rule that it should be four and up and you really have no excuse if they found it in your […]

There is Movement at the Station – But It’s Not the Three Young Horses – They Are Dead

In the wake of our story about the deaths of three young pacer from the Stonewall Stud  stable on NZ tracks in the past four months, and the potentially fatal incident involving a driver at another, the RIB yesterday announced that has launched an investigation into the matters, seeking to determine whether there were only […]

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