Kyal Costello is Victorian Harness racing driver. In the space of 4 months he placed bets in 24 races in which he was competing. Let’s just hope that he backed his own horses. If he didn’t, then Mr Cosello would be well advised to find himself a new hobby. We won’t be seeing him at […]

Punch Someone in the Head, Tip Someone Out of Cart, Lie to the Stewards, and Bet Against Your Own Horse – Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick – Here, Have an Award Son

Ben Currie had the Queensland Trainer of the Year award that he had earned denied to him because he was DQ’d. Darren Weir did too. Fair enough many people would say, although not me. Different rules apply at the trots. David Moran is serving 7 months for a raft of different offences, all of them […]

The Rabbit, the Ripper, the Crows, the Bats, and the Monkeys – We’re All Shook Up – The Douglas Clan Scam Train Rolls On

The Julie Douglas camp is as dodgy as a trot camp comes. She’s the trainer on paper, but her husband Glenn is really in charge of the reins. Glenn relinquished his ticket because he and stable employee Ellen Tormey were fighting a DQ for drenching in the courts, so as is the time honoured custom […]

How the MRC Have Been Stooging the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust So That Mike and His Mates Can Get Rich – And Richer

Under the trust deed that gives them the cheap land to sub-lease to Mike Symons and his friends so they can get richer and richer, the Melbourne Racing Club is required to provide open space facilities to the public on the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. Things like outdoor recreational fitness facilities. BBQ and picnic facilities. Pedestrian […]

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