Here is Everything You Need to Know About Matt Rudolph – Kicking a Dying Man in the Guts, and Rendering Horses Homeless – Welcome to Animal Welfare and Racing Integrity, Reindeer Style (First Published 5 June 2020)

Ben LoakesĀ  is not a fashionable racehorse trainer. He’s just a battler from the bush. Four months ago the father of the small-time Gladstone-based trainer with a few horses in his care was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The life expectancy of someone with this illness at this stage is just 4-6 months. Ben […]

Doug Does it Again – And the Stewards Give Him a Green Light to Do it Next Week Too – What the Hell is Going on Here? (First Published Nov 16 2021)

Is it April Fools Day or something? What the hell are the QRIC Stewards talking about? Doug has a good record in regard to galloping free of interference does he? Bollocks. What’s this? That was seven starts back. How about this one two starts ago? This is what Doug did on Saturday night. Note that […]

Dr Martin Lenz to Leave the QRIC

We alluded to this a couple of weeks ago but didn’t mention names because negotiations were still ongoing, but now it can be officially confirmed (ahead of the actual official announcement) that Chief Vet Martin Lenz is leaving the QRIC after his position was made redundant. How a Chief Vet’s position can actually be abolished […]

Since When Does 25 Whip Strikes Not Break the Rule? – I Know, I Know – When You Hit a Horse 14 Times Before the 100 Metre Mark

I want to tell you a little story that demonstrates the sheer incompetence of the QRIC thoroughbred steward, and illustrates it for all too see. We are at the Gordonvale races just south of Cairns on Saturday, and it’s race 4. The horse in the blue with the red cap is Magnate, ridden by Frankie […]

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