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Three Good Reasons Why the Queensland Chief Steward Must Go


Much ado has been made about Marnu Potgeiger being granted a license to ride in Queensland while he (and we) await the determination of charges laid against him when he was caught red-handed stomach tubing the horse Jamaican Rain on Cup Day morning 2019, just hours before the horse was due to race at Flemington.

So it should be too.

The case may not have been finalised yet, and Potgeiger and his then employer, trainer Richard Laming, may not have been punished yet either, but Posty is as good for it as Ronald Biggs was of committing the Great Train Robbery, and everyone on racing except the QRIC knows it.

What most people don’t know though is that wasn’t the first time that Potgeiger and Laming lied and cheated.

Read this.


What you have just read is an extract from a Victorian Racing Tribunal decision delivered on 21 April 2020.

The decision relates to a long running case about cobalt reading more than double the allowable 100 micogram threshold that was recorded by Laming’s horse Iam Ekstraordinary after it won a race at Ballarat on the 23rd of May 2018.

Potgeiger was not charged, only Laming, but it clear that the Stewards are alleging the the now licensed Queensland jockey colluded with Laming to forge the treatment book for the horse in an attempt to provide some form of excuse for it’s crazy high cobalt reading, and that Potgeiger then uttered this fraudulent document (the treatment book) to the Stewards, knowing that it had been doctored and was false.

Charge or no charge, this is an extremely serious allegation that the Stewards have made, and it strikes right to the heart of questions about Marnu Potgeiger’s character.

When you add this to the other – and far more recent – charge laid against Potgeiger for being caught drenching a horse on race day, it is very difficult to mount a case as to why he should have been granted a license by the QRIC to ride in Queensland, and why he should retain it.

Clearly this man is an integrity risk.

If he is allegedly willing to doctor treatment books and stomach tube horses – acts which the prima facie evidence strongly suggest that he performed – how can any punter or racing participant ever have any confidence about any horse that Potgeiger rides?

Why is he riding at all?

We all make mistakes.

The QRIC have made one here.

It’s never too late to fix them though.

Marnu Potgeiger should be stripped of his license by lunchtime.

And what about Richard Laming?

On Saturday afternoon he was permitted by the Queensland authorities to enter and start Jamaican Rain – the very horse that he and Potgeiger were caught tubing, on Cup Day of all days – in the Listed $125 000 Bright Shadow Stakes at Eagle Farm.

When Ben Currie was alleged to have done wrong, long before he was ever tried, convicted and punished, the NSW racing chief Peter V’Landys took quick and decisive action to prevent him from nominating or running horses in NSW, and the whole world applauded.

Yet here we have Richard Laming, who is accused of nothing less than Currie was at the time, and a whole lot more – Ben Currie was never caught tubing – being allowed to race in Queensland, and bring our industry into disrepute.

On the same day the ongoing embarrassing spectacle of our Chief Steward having to disqualify himself from officiating on races in which one of the co-owners of the horse that he himself once owned – while a Steward! – continued, with Chadwick standing himself down from the panel for Race 6.

Meanwhile, up in Townsville, Marnu Potgeiger was booting home a double.

This is a joke, a really bad one at that.

The buck stops at the top.

Peter Chadwick has proven himself incapable of managing integrity in this State.

The Chief Steward must go.


Numbers Don’t Lie – And Racing Queensland’s Are Appalling – There is a Cancer in the Deagon Bunker – For the Good of Racing, It Must Be Excised


Why is that Racing Queensland has a 3 year average employee separation rate of 38%?

Or a three year aggregate rate of 117%?

An employee separation rate means the number of employees that quit or get sacked from a company each year.

What these numbers mean is that more than of RQ’s employees on average exit the building each year, never to return.

In the space of 3 years, more employees have left Racing Queensland than actually work there.


It’s a true story.

RQ has just 85 employees.

But 97 people have come and gone only three years.


No organisation other than cold-call sales companies whose employees are paid on commission only turn over that number of staff.

In fact extensive research by the HR Nicholls Society, a leading employer association, shows that the average staff turnover rate across all industries was only 18 percent.


Racing Queensland’s turnover is more than double that figure, and remember here we are talking about a State Government department that pays public service wages and offers excellent conditions, including a 36.5 hour week, over time, flexitime, RDO’s, and superannuation contributions well in excess of the standard minimum 9.5% that other employers pay.

Given all these goodies, you’d expect people to be crawling over broken glass to get in the door, and chaining themselves to the desk to keep their jobs; but instead they are leaving in droves, and there is no sign of the outward tide receding.

It doesn’t make sense on paper. Why would so many people be walking out the door?

There can be only one reason, and that is this.

Racing Queensland has a serious management problem.


That’s speculation of course, because I don’t work there, but I ran public sector unions here and abroad for twenty years, and understand the dynamics of government workplaces better than most.

That I am correct in pointing the finger at Racing Queensland’s management is borne out by the numbers of ex-gratia payments and court ordered settlements made by Racing Queensland over the past two financial years since Brendan Parnell took over the reins as CEO of the organisation.

An ex-gratia payment is what we used to call piss-off money in the union trade, meaning that it is a cash payment of salary or wages that an employee is not entitled to, paid to them as part of exit deal to settle an employment dispute.

An ex-gratia payment can sometimes also be a golden handshake bestowed on a departing employee as a reward for their sterling service, but as this type of payment is totally prohibited in the public sector, in this case it can’t be that.

A court-ordered settlement is a payment that the Queensland Industrial Commission or the Federal Court (Employment Division) order an employer to make in relation to an unfair dismissal or adverse action case brought by a former employee.

Racing Queensland have made 12 of these types of payment over the past 2 reported financial years.

The total paid was more than half a million dollars.

That’s about $40 grand a head, and it doesn’t include the former CEO Eliot Forbes payout of around half a million dollars, because that’s recorded separately in the books.

Those numbers are outrageous.

In the previous two years Racing Queensland had only paid out only $89 000 in these types of exit payments.

Under Parnell’s leadership – if that is the right word – that number has multiplied by greater than 500%.

And this is scarce racing money don’t forget, not lollies.


There is something very, very wrong with our Principal Racing Authority.

In fact I would take it a step further, and say that this organisation is sick.

Just compare the QRIC staff turnover numbers and you can see it clearly.

Now I have been as critical of the QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett in the past about racing matters, and perhaps even more, but I have never said that Barnett is anything but a brilliant public service CEO and a top class people manager, and it’s borne out here.


See that?

The QRIC  has almost double the number of staff that Racing Queensland does, yet it’s annual turnover rate is only 5.5% over two years, and only 3.78% in the last 12 months.

Compare those numbers to Racing Queensland’s.

Average – 5.5% v 38%

Last 12 months – 3.78% v 28.9%

I’m sure that Ross Barnett is doing plenty of things right.

Just as I’m certain that Brendan Parnell must be doing a whole lot wrong.

Numbers don’t lie, only people do.

There is a cancer in the Deagon bunker.

For the good of racing, it must be excised.








Someone Call the Medics – This Company Needs a Doctor


Imagine that you are running a company that has made an on paper profit of $2 million over the past 2 years, but is really running at a $130 000 per annum loss because its finances have been propped up by $2.6 million in grant handouts from the Government, and the $20 million you’ve borrowed from the banks during the 2 years to pay the day to day bills.


The company you steer is more than $70 million in debt, and has to pay $7.5 a year to feed the lenders, $3.2 million of it in interest alone.

And because you’d deferred the payments previously, the interest vig is rising faster than a middle-aged man’s pecker when Rihanna sways by in the nude, and strokes his bum as she passes.


There is no money in the bank other than what you’ve borrowed against the assets, and your whole company is in hock to the banks who hold a lien over all your property and assets, so you can’t sell them to raise any capital.

You’re head is barely above water and you’re dog paddling, and your get out plan of building and selling 8 residential towers isn’t going too flash either, because you have spent too much on them trying to be flash Harry and out-do the Jones’s, so the price tag you’ve had to put on is over the odds and no-one wants to pay it.

On top of that, you’ve just done almost a million bucks on dud foreign currency interest rate swaps that you piled into because your advisers don’t know how to read global financial markets.


You’re really in the shit, and are just hoping that the registers keep ticking over fast enough to stop your whole ship from sinking.

Then the Coronavirus hits.

All of your core and non-core business stops immediately.

The registers fall silent.

Three months go by, and you’ve missed the busiest trading period of the year, the months during which you make more than a third of your annual income.

All up you’ve missed out on about six or seven million dollars coming through the till.

The account books are so deep in the red that you need sunglasses to look at them.

But the wolves are still outside and they’re hungry, and starting to circle the door.

How the hell are you going to feed them when you were going to struggle in any event, but now you’re $5 million short?

It’s a very good question isn’t it?

One that investigative journalists have been arrested before for asking.

Or the only one that did ask was anyway.

What’s your company’s name?

Brisbane Racing Club Limited.

Someone call the medics.

This company needs a doctor.



Treachery on the SS Sky Channel? – Is Brisbane’s Best Caller Josh Fleming About to be Pushed Aside For a Pokie Bandit Who Couldn’t Call a Photo Finish Result if His Life Depended on It?

John Lingard probes the back-stabbing and double-dealing taking place behind the closed doors of race broadcaster Sky Channel, as the race track is swept with rumours that deposed Brisbane caller David ‘Dunno in a Photo’ Fowler may be about to do a Lazarus and send hism conqueror Josh Fleming back to the bush.


LETSGOHORSERACING has been reliably informed that Josh Fleming will be replaced by David Fowler as the No 1 race-caller at Eagle Farm and Doomben as part of the new SKY deal with the Brisbane Racing Club.

To the punting public the decision will come as a surprise with Fleming the golden boy of the race-calling ranks on the rise since taking over at SKY from the retiring Alan Thomas in December 2015.

But those who know the politics of racing in Queensland will not be shocked that Fowler, rumored to be facing an uncertain future with Radio TAB, would be thrown a lifeline by Queensland’s No 1 club, the BRC.

Fleming, who grew up in the Queensland outback, doesn’t get involved in the politics of racing – just does a wonderful job as a caller and those who follow racing in Queensland regard him as undisputedly the No 1 broadcaster of the sport.

Fowler, on the other hand, who many would agree knows where his bread is buttered, has been a loyal supporter of the BRC and can claim some high profile directors and officials as his friends. No doubt he has campaigned strongly behind the scenes for the job.

Fleming, who we are reliably informed will cop this setback on the chin, will continue to be employed by SKY in to call race meetings outside of Brisbane in south-east Queensland. Those close to him say he would be the last to even contemplate that he has been ‘knifed in the back’ as some are suggesting.

He has been calling country and provincial race meetings in NSW for SKY Racing since 2003 after winning the John Tapp Scholarship and is an extremely popular young family man.

At the time of his appointment to replace Alan Thomas, Fleming said: “It’s a dream come true to be given this role. I’m a Queensland boy and can’t wait to start in late December. I called Stradbroke’s when I was practising to be a race caller. This is incredible.

“Alan Thomas has not only been a mentor but a close friend. To replace him as SKY’S number one Queensland caller is very special.”

Fowler, who gained national publicity when he was but a boy calling races standing on a butter-box at the Mingela Picnics in North Queensland, has reached the top of his profession but many believe – now edging closer to retirement – his best days are well and truly behind him.

Insiders question whether there was some influence in the decision to provide Fowler with an extension to his working life as a broadcaster which was looking pretty shaky with major redundancies on the way at Radio 4TAB. We will let you be the judge whether ‘the Bantam’s’ friendship with RQ CEO Brendan Parnell (formerly a boss at SKY) played a part.

Perhaps it was a reward for his backing of the sale of Albion Park (where he is Club Chairman despite the once-proud harness club going downhill faster than an out-of-control roller-coaster both financially and crowd-wide). This sale, which was supported by RQ and the Government, led to a reported major fall-out between Fowler and harness king Kevin Seymour.   

For the time being Fleming’s dream may have become a nightmare – largely because he doesn’t have the political pull in an industry where good blokes run last. But it will only be temporary – times change, so do committees and their lackeys (there are plenty of those at the BRC who are mates of Fowler).

Hopefully the ‘suck up and survive’ mentality that has permeated the racing media in Queensland will one day be exterminated. But we won’t be holding our breath for that to happen.

EDITOR’S NOTE: LGHR would welcome an explanation from the BRC, RQ or SKY concerning what on the surface appears to be disgraceful treatment of the best race-caller in Queensland. We also welcome readers to submit their thoughts on this controversial issue. 

Archie’s comment:

If the findings of Lucky’s research are true – and we have no reason to doubt that they are not – then the career exectution of Josh Fleming will be one of the most despicable acts seen in Queensland racing for a long, long time.

Josh is a very popular member of the racing fraternity, who is universally liked and respected. He is very good caller, and will only get better with age, whereas Fowler is only competent at best. His limited repertoire of catch phrases long ago wore thin with punters, and his chronic refusal to have a crack in photos is a universal annoyance to punters, particularly those listening to his calls on the radio without any vision.

I find it astounding that such a low move as replacing Fleming is even being contemplated, and his mooted replacement by a man who’s had his chance and couldn’t make simply defies belief.

Let’s just hope that common sense prevails, and wiser heads intervene to prevent this injustice to Josh Fleming from happening.


Queensland’s Return to the Race Track Protocols Get Ripped Up Three Days After They Were Agreed – You and I Care About Racing and the People In It – Why Don’t These Peanuts Posing as People?



This is the Kilcoy races on Tuesday afternoon.

The Australian flag is flying.

We’re all in this together, this fight against the killer Coronavirus, and so far we are winning, because we’ve all been holding up our end and doing the right thing.

I would be un-Australian to do otherwise.

This is Racing Queensland’s COVID-19 plan, ticked off by the government.

It’s our plan too.

We need to follow it, so we can keep racing going, and get our arses back to the track.


These are three barrier attendants at Kilcoy who aren’t doing the right thing.

What the hell is wrong with them?

Every man and his dog knows about social distancing and the 1.5 metre rule.

These dangerous clowns are defying the rules, for no seeming reason at all, other than that they don’t appear to give a toss.

They are doing it in full view of their bosses, the club, Racing Queensland and the QRIC Stewards, and no one is doing a damn thing about it.


No-one is doing anything to pull up these six selfish imbeciles down below either, even though they are standing there in full view of the race day officials, and have been standing there far too close together for at least the first half of the card.

If anyone contracts Coronavirus at a Queensland racecourse the effects could be catastrophic.

Patrons will be banned, anyone who has been in contact with the virus carrier will be banned, non-essential industry participants will be banned, and in a worse case scenario all of racing in the State could stop, casting tens of thousands out of work.

In an even more catastrophic scenario the carrier could pass the disease to others, and they might die.

All because fools like this don’t give a flying toss for the rules that bind their industry, their State, and their nation.

These peanuts are a disgrace, to themselves and to us all.

The racing officials who struck an agreement with the government to start letting people back to the track under strict health-directive based conditions, and then stand idle as clowns like this six give them and the whole of racing the middle finger, they are a disgrace too, and they are not doing their jobs or keeping their promises either.

The Kilcoy club needs to be hauled over the coals for the mismanagement of social isolation on the course.

Racing Queensland CEO Pins Parnell needs to be hauled before the Minister, and directed to please explain.

QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett needs to call every member of the Stewards Panel into his office and rip strips off them, and demand to know what the hell they thought they were doing by doing nothing.

The rest of us just need to march up to these people who clearly don’t about our families or us, and tell them to get moving, and rack right off the course.

The name and details of all these mugs should have been recorded under the protocols.

Track them down, and warn them off.

We don’t need their kind here.




With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? – You Bloody Idiots


This is a still shot from the tail end of the race replay of the seventh at Rockhampton yesterday, as published on the Racing Queensland website.

Two young blokes are clearly standing shoulder to shoulder, and two young birds are walking right next to each other up to them.

It’s what young men and women have been doing for years. It’s natural, and it’s normal.

But these ain’t normal times.

3 880 people around the world died of Coronavirus yesterday.

That’s the whole of Charleville, and all of Dayboro too.

Or every person in Jimboomba.

Gone, dead, vanished, corpses in a casket, bones in a grave.

20 Australians caught the COVID-19 yesterday.

We all hope they don’t die. We don’t want to either.

A couple of days ago Racing Queensland got the tick off from the Government to start letting punters back on the track again.

We all need it. Owners, members, gamblers, bookies, horse watchers, race day employees, girls having hens days and boys having bucks, people who like looking at nice flowers, cleaners, tipsters, touts, all of us. We’re sick of being locked up and locked out, and we want to get back to the track.

But we don’t want to die doing it, and we don’t want to kill anyone either.


That’s why the plan that Racing Queensland put up to get us there promised that social distancing would be the number 1 priority, for staff, essential participants, Joe Ordinary and Jesus Christ alike.

1.5 metres apart at all times.

“We promise” said RQ. “We’ll make sure it happens”.

And then this happens instead.

The kids are bloody idiots, there’s no doubt about that. But they’re young, and they are kids, and when you still count your birthdays and they end in teen, well death seems like something that only happens to old people, and life is such a powerful and wonderful force that all they want to do is live it.

It takes old people to police the rules and keep them apart, or at least to drill into their thick heads why they have to.

Where were they?

Who was there to keep an eye on these kids, and make sure that them being normal gets pulled up in the most abnormal time that we have ever lived through or seen.

It’s Racing Queensland’s responsibility. Not entirely, but at the end of the day. They proposed, agreed and signed the plan, not the kids.

So where were they?

Probably busy running around putting up posters telling people to stay apart.

It makes sense doesn’t it? After all, 1 in 7 Australians can’t read at a functional level, and 1-2 have reading and writing difficulties. The numbers in the lowly-educated racing sector are considerably higher. So why wouldn’t you put up posters instead of talking to them and teaching them about the virus and the risks, or at least having a club official or security guard kicking around to give them a kick.

Words don’t mean much without action.

One case of the virus, and our whole world falls down.

You bloody idiots.

And I’m not just talking about the kids.

With friends like these, who needs enemies.






They Always Do it First at the Dogs – That Because Greyhound People Do it Better – Two Sleeps ‘Til We Get Back to the Track – Eat Your Heart Out Australia


While every other code dithers, and dreams of flocks, and draws their mates names out of hats to be 2 each in the 20 allowed on course in splendid isolation to keep the forty staff catering to the Committee men happy, the real people get the job done.

That’s because the people who run the dogs always do it better.

You don’t need me to tell you that of course – the numbers speak for themselves.

Turnover – up 50%, from Sweet Fanny Adams to almost a billion.


Profit – 20% net, compared to losses for the gallops and trots.

Debt – nil except trade creditors, while the other codes are drowning.

Investments – large and rising, while the other racing industries have none.

Crowds – big and getting bigger, and they don’t even have to make their employees walk through the turnstiles 100 times each a day to jack the figures.


Build it, and they will come.

Luke Gatehouse at HQ, JC Catton at Capalaba, the good people out at Ipswich, the great folk up at Bundy, and the smiling volunteers at Rocky and Townsville have all pulled their weight, and made their industry solid, and its participants proud.

That’s because the people who run the dogs don’t have any vested interests, and their motives are pure. They just love their sport and care.

On Thursday night the Albion Park Greyhound Club will be the first racing venue in the nation to welcome the crowds back in.

They will do it properly of course.

Look at the scoreboard, they always do.

The people will come, and they will be kept safe while being catered to like they should be and as they deserve.

Like Kings and Queens.

They will leave smiling, and tell everyone they meet how good it was to be back, and the next week they will return, and more will come with them, and week after week it will build, and before you know it, it will be like no-one has ever been away at all.

Things will be different of course, but that’s okay.

The more great things change, the more their heart and soul really stays the same.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this historic moment.

First in the whole of Australia to open the gates again and the fans into the house hey?

What else would you expect?

They couldn’t kill the dogs with an atom bomb, even though they tried.

We’re back.

And you’re not.

Follow our lead.

Head off to the Creek on Thursday night.

Just make sure you give Luke and the crew a ring to book first.

It’s going to be a full house.

Don’t miss out on a great night full of racing and fun.

We won’t be.


A Quick Lesson in How to Political Pork-Barrel With Horse Racing Money – And How Today Queensland Racing Minister Pounds Stirling and His Bosses Have


Our esteemed Racing Minister in Queensland, Pounds Stirling Hinchliffe, has made great play today about Palaszczuk Government will provide $2.6 million in infrastructure funding for 32 non-TAB race clubs across Queensland, creating or supporting almost 100 jobs.

Now I’m buggered if I know how an average of $75 000 per club per club for things like new pumps and sprinkler systems, a paint job for the swab stall, and fixing up the running rail that’s been bent for the past 8 years is going to create even 1 new job. I would have thought existing contractors would have come in and done the job, but who am I to question the genius of Pounds? After all, I only got a 120 point higher TE score than him when we both did our final year at Craigslea High, I should just shut up.

Good luck with that.

There are three things that Minister Pounds is an expert at though, and two of them of them we share and one of them we don’t.

Stirlo is an expert on property, and I’m not.

He worked for years for the Property Development Council of QLD before he entered Parliament, and then again worked for them during the dark after the Newman landslide when the voters of Stafford threw him out on his arse, before he was able to regroup and use Bill Ludwig’s patronage and his AWU numbers to secure pre-selection for the far away seat of Sandgate, which Labor had held for 55 years pre-Newman and were certain to win back.

(Your Hard Working Local Member in Stafford who was Putting Stafford First morphed into Your Hard Working Local Member for Sandgate, won the seat, bought a joint on the waterfront, and suddenly started putting the northern bayside area first instead).

Me on the other hand, I just win money on the punt and lose the tickets, and my daughter find them and tell me their trust has a bit of money spare, and ask me to buy them a house or unit, depending on the size of the numbers on the betting slip I’ve lost and they’ve found. You can’t no to your kids when they ask nicely, so using a dartboard, a bottle of Vodka, ten joints, (did I ever tell you my mate used to own it) and a dart board as research tools, I buy them one sight unseen for cash at 3 o’clock the next morning, and if you think I’m making that up just ask any of my friends and they will set you on the straight and.

So Pounds has got me on that one.

He’s a better basketball player than me too – accident of birth, he’s 6 ft 5″ and I’m only six foot – but despite my limited ability I am a hoops fanatic and can match him in the knowledge department in that game.

I can match Pounds on pork barrelling too, although not having had any desire ever to sit on the padded seats of the House of Broken Dreams and listen to Jackie Trad tell lies about her personal integrity for an hour and a half straight, I just explain the rorts to people rather them implement them like the Minister does.

Pork Barrelling is a political term for slinging loads of cash at a marginal or opposition held electorate that your stats people think you might have a chance of winning, the idea being that if you throw money at the seat and tell everyone what a great job you are doing, then they might vote for you.

That’s what the $2.6 to racing is all about, or the lion’s share of it anyway.

Allow me to illustrate by highlighting the race clubs that have copped $50 000 plus of the $2.6 million in grants that Pounds has making mileage out of in the press today, and when doing so I ask you to just cast aside the fact that the money was already their by virtue of a country racing package introduced elections ago, and concentrate on how it is being distributed.

First up, we’ll look at the bowlers.

$265 000 went to Nanango to replace the Stewards tower and fix up the running rail.

Nanango is held by the LNP leader Deb Frecklington (ever heard of her? most haven’t), and the ALP couldn’t win it if you gave them 5 000 votes start.

What they can win though is the election if Frecklington stays the leader.

Secret internal polling conducted by both parties (I have seen it) says that the LNP is totally rooted at the election, and are going to cop a caning. Ignore what you read in the paper’s polls, they’re hooked, these secretly conducted independent polls are the real deal, which is why there is such a hoo ha going on inside the LNP at the moment as the riders jockey to decide whether to keep Frecko as the leader or not.

Labor want her to stay, desperately, because they knew they are a bird if she does.


$265k to Nanango.

Bob Katter often plays the crocodile wrestling fool, but he has a mortgage on his Federal seat of Kennedy, far and away the smartest politician in Australia, and if you don’t believe me then come up my may and have a look at the quality of the inland highways and you will change your mind in two seconds.

Robbie Katter was a slow starter, but the lawyer son is a fast learner, and he has become a first-class pollie as well. The votes of his party’s 3 seats in Parliament ensure that Labor keeps control, even if a couple of members defect to another side, and his support for the government reaps great rewards for his constituents.

If the ALP were to lose a couple of seats at the election in 3 months time they would need Katter even more, because he won’t lose any, so they are desperate to keep him onside, and they’d also love to get his preferences if they can.

Robbie Katter holds the seat of Traeger.


Three of the race  clubs in that electorate form part of the eleven that got $50 000 plus in racing funding. Two of them – Cloncurry and Mt Isa ($450k and $376k respectively) – ran the quinella for most money, and copped a third of the funding between them.

Callide has been a seat held by the LNP since inception, but factors like the influx of CSG workers and miners to the area, and having a useless local member in Colin Boyce MP, have given the ALP a thin sliver of hope of winning it if they can get the preference deals they need.

Their chances are slim, but far from impossible, because the LNP first preference votes have fallen from over 17 000 four elections ago to well under 10 000 at the last, while at the same time the size of the electorate has increased from 25 000 to 30 000.

That means that the vote has been peeling away from the LNP big time, and the ALP want to peel it more. So Chinchilla, Wandoan and Jandowae – all clubs in the Callide electorate – also landed three of the top 11 funding splashes.

Chinchilla at $254 000 – to upgrade the jockeys room and the club secretary’s room (WTF?) – got the lion’s share, and there is a very good reason for that too, and it’s not just the club’s need for flash accommodation for its officials.

That reason is that the only polling booths in towns in the Callide electorate that pull more than 1000 voters casting theirs are Gin Gin, Calliope, Biloela and the couple in Chinchilla. 

Labor already wins the primary votes over the LNP in Gin Gin (27% to 21%), Biloela (38-25) and Calliope (43-15), but the lefties get smashed in Chinchilla 36.5% to 21.5%.

If they want to have any hope of winning the seat, they need to turn the vote at the the Chinchilla polling booths.


$245 to the local race club.

The seat of Gregory is similar to Callide in that the LNP first preference vote has been collapsing in recent years, from more than 14 000 four elections ago to just over 9 500 last time around.

The only polling booths that really matter in Gregory are the one in Emerald. They attract 3 500 punters with vote slips, while all the others get 2/3rd’s of sweet fanny all. If you want to win Gregory, you have to win Emerald.


$220 000 to the Emerald race club for new sprinklers, a new swab stall and an upgrade of the running rail.

Labor held the western QLD seat of Warrego for near on 80 years until the death of the unionised shearing industry and the railways turned it LNP in 1976.

The LNP primary vote there has dropped from 14 000 to 12 000 in recent elections, which on its own wouldn’t give the ALP any chance of winning it, but in just two runs in the seat the Katter Party’s vote has doubled, and they now get as many punters putting them first as Labor does, which means that Warrego is an each way bet.

If Labor can peel some of the strong racing vote off the LNP, then if they can cut a preference deal with Katter it’s not inconceivable that one or the other with the preference votes might win. It’s an extreme longshot, but not impossible.

And anyway, even if they miss, this is non-TAB country funding, and despite the town holding heaps of recent TAB meetings, Racing Quensland has ‘forgotten’ to change its status from non-Tab, so it’s a sneaky way to save on spending to clubs already classified as TAB by slinging Roma cash for necessary repairs and an upgrade to the failing photo finish cameras out of the other fund.


$155 grand to the Roma Race club.

Labor has only held Burdekin once since its inception, when a low-life snakey dog of a union official of my unwanted acquaintance and former work non-mate named Steve Rodgers won in it in upset in 2004 and lost it five seconds later, but despite having only won a maiden there last time around with a decent candidate in the form of ex-local mayor Mike Brunker the ALP topped the primary poll.

They got done on One Nation preferences, for Pauline is big out in that redneck area of the boonies, but if Katter enters the scene then it could be a different story and game on, because his party has only run once before (in 2012) and it polled the house down, running second.

It’s a longshot too, but when you are only playing with other people’s racing money it’s worth a sneaky shy at the stumps.


$76 000 to Bowen.

Last but not least, the seat of Keppel.

The race club in this electorate is the only one in a Labor held seat that got more than $50 000 from the racing club, and although you might look at the vote numbers from the past couple of elections and scratch your head and ask why, there is actually a very good reason.

That reason is the highly unpopular, but very ALP faction-connected local member Brittany Lauga.

Lauga is an abrasive, divisive idiot with the people skills of a slug, the work rate of a sloth, and the ethics and integrity of Jackie Trad, but none of that one’s brains or charm on the local hustings. People hate her in the electorate, and the more they see or hear of Lauga, the less they like of her.

Despite the good overall polling they are seeing, the astute in party HQ know that even if there was a swing their way across the State, the LNP will buck the trend in Keppel, not because their candidate is brilliant, but because Brittany Lauga is not.

So the ALP is desperately trying to prop her up, not because they like the utterly unlikable Lauga either, but because the party can’t afford to lose the seat. It won’t work, but you can’t only try.


$195 000 to the Yeppoon race club for some new pumps, a plastic running rail, and an upgrade to the Stewards tower.

And that dear friends, is the true story about how the country racing fund cash was divvied up and dealt.

When’s the next race start?





WARNING – This Story Contains Graphic Language and Gut-Churning Images of Horrendous Animal Abuse – If There is Any Integrity at All in Queensland Racing, the Jockey Who Bashed This Innocent Horse Has to be Warned Off the Track For Life

There are some stories that I really feel sick writing.

This is one of them.

Would you grab a leather belt, lift it high above your head, bring it down and around sideways so that you get full force, and smash it on your child’s neck?

Would you?

Would you do it to your dog?

Or your cat?

Would you?

Would you do it to a lamb?

Or a calf?

Or a horse?

Would you?

Jockey Chris Whiteley did.

Rockhampton, Saturday, Race 6.

This grub lifted his whip up high, almost to the vertical.


He tensed his muscles, then brought it down.

Roundhouse, with full force.


I’m not going to show you where he hit the horse, because there might be kids reading, and this is an R-rated horror story.

Just use your imagination.

He won’t be smacking it on the rump or quarters from there, will he?

Not unless he rewrites the laws of physics.

Then Whiteley does it again.


Up over the shoulder.



I feel sick.


It’s not over yet.

It’s not even intermission.

Whiteley does it again.






This time he has the horse’s neck hauled around sideways, so that it’s tensed and it hurts more, and the spot’s wide open so he can’t miss.



Go and get some popcorn.

There is another three to come.

I’m not going to show them to you because they make my guts churn.

Watch them on the replay at the top, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself then get the kids or grandkids to slow it down for you.

Ask them to get you a swear jar, a box of tissues and a spew bucket too.

This is one of the most disgraceful acts of animal cruelty that I have ever seen on a racetrack.

This bastard is flaying a fucking horse full force on the side of its neck.

He’s not whipping it.

He’s flogging it.

Someone should tie this prick Whiteley to a tree, tie a belt around his neck and pull it hard to one, and let us smash him with a leather stick on the soft spot just under the ear too.

There would be a queue lined up from Callaghan Park to Caloundra to do it.

So what did the Stewards say and do about it.


Absolutely fucking nothing.

Excuse the swear words, but what I am writing about and what I have just seen make me so fucking angry that I have no other describing words to say.

The Stewards that officiated at Rockhampton on Saturday should all be sacked, as soon as they get to work this morning, and without notice.

Chris Whiteley should be thrown out of racing on his head, warned off for life.

He should never be allowed near any kind of animal again.

Whiteley should be charged with animal cruelty and abuse, so that a judge should decide how long he goes to jail for.

And anyone who disagrees with me can fuck right off now, and never read come back to read this site again.

Your kind aren’t welcome here.

Chris Whiteley’s kind aren’t welcome anywhere.

The Caboolture doggers might have him.

I wouldn’t piss on his shoes.

Um, Aren’t the Stewards Supposed to List Late Scratchings in Their Official Reports? And Tell Us Why? What the Hell is Going on in Queensland Racing?

Classic Beau lined up to race in the second at Barcaldine on Saturday.

Well, it would have, it it didn’t play up so badly behind the barrier that the starter had to pull it out, and declare it a late scratching.

Not that you would know that from either the results on the Racing Queensland website, or from the official QRIC Stewards Report.


Aren’t late scratchings required to be recorded in the Stewards reports?

Shouldn’t the reason for the scratching be detailed too?

Get the little things right, and the big things follow.

What the hell is going on in Queensland racing?