Fletch, Bucko, TopBetta, the 100k Promotions and the Convicted Cocaine Trafficker – What a Small World It Is – And What Tangled Webs a Life on the Punt Weaves – FIRST PUBLISHED 14 JUNE 2020 (First Published May 2021)

Do you remember I told you the other day that someone from the gambling regulation authorities should have a real close look at who won all those $100 000 and $250 000 tipping comps that then CEO and Managing Director Todd Buckingham used to run at his bookmaking company TopBetta. There was a reason that […]

A Simple Question – If the Betmakers/Murdoch Deal is So Brilliant, Why Did the Former Director Sell 10 Million Shares at the Top of the Market Just After it Was Announced?

We could’ve had it all Rolling in the deep You had my heart inside of your hand But you played it with a beating Adele Kerry Packer once famously said in reference to reeling in a sucker that you only get one Alan Bond. Fortunately for the Aussie wagering industry company built on sand Betmakers […]

Bowling Your Way to Free Bet Heaven – Until the Winged Chariot Crashes, and the House Built on Sand Falls Down

Good Will Punting is a so-called sports betting consultancy firm. It claims to offer risk free punting solutions. Peter Foster and Bill Vlahos did too. As every punter knows, there is no risk free. That’s why it’s called gambling. Very few people know him or know his name, but my mate Overs is one of […]

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