Why On Earth Would a Man Plead a Case That Being Gay is Bad? – Is Two Bob Rob a Homophobe or Something? – I Guess He Must Support Manly

Dear Mr Marshall I am told on good advice that you went to a meeting of the NSW Harness Racing Advisory Board today and demanded to know who was funding the legal defence to  the case brought against me by the APG. Gee, it would have been smart to search the family trusts instead of sicking your peeps […]

Talk About Making a Bad Situation Worse – He’s a Dumb Coconut This Tony Dreger – But His Brother in Law is Dumber

Words are easy, words are cheap Much cheaper than our priceless land But promises can disappear Just like writing in the sand Treaty Yeah, Tony Now Treaty Yeah, Tony Now Remember Tony Dreger, the racist, abusive character that I wrote about yesterday who described people of colour as dumb stupid coconuts, and told me that […]

Speaking of Dickheads

The country’s most controversial animal activist has put Melbourne’s steakhouses and supermarkets on notice, vowing to break the law where she sees fit after moving from her home city of Perth. Tash Peterson, 28, has shown little regard for societal and legal boundaries across a series of demonstrations, including marching through a shop smeared in […]

Hi Ho Silver!

David Silver is the managing owner of the recent Bendigo BM100 race winner Flash Aah, who is my favourite horse, God only knows how he has that status, given that Silver is bankrupt, but he does, and all power to him too. I just wish he would let bygones be bygones, and set false pride […]

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