So If the Now Banned TAB Lobbyists Didn’t Meet With Government Ministers to Lobby For Reduced Tax For Their Client, What Exactly Did They Meet With Them For?

Anacta is the lobbyist firm run by lifetime Labor hacks that was was banned earlier this week from speaking to Govt Ministers in an official capacity or dealing with the Government. In the past 12 months one or the other of Anacta’s chiefs (or both) met with Government officials 43 times, and then – lo […]

The Un-Level Playing Field

The largely foreign owned monopoly TAB and tote operator Tabcorp is spending hundreds of thousand of dollars right now, maybe millions, in a cynical attempt to persuade State governments around Australia to allow the company to break long-term, binding contracts that it entered into in good faith at a tendered or bid price, in return […]

The Great Tabcorp Lie

The company Tabcorp is at present running one of the most deceptive and deceitful PR campaigns that has ever seen on Australian shores. Using the faux Aussie Fair Play Coalition that they renamed to use as a front organisation, Tabcorp is running a series of high-profile attacks on ‘foreign owned bookies’,┬áthat is nothing more than […]

The Aussie Fair Play Coalition Exposed

Australians are being bombarded at the moment by a xenophobic, Cronulla riot style PR, marketing and advertising blitz attacking corporate bookmakers as tax dodging, profit raping foreign thieves. The campaign is pushing for taxation of these corporate bookmakers, but it is utterly duplicitous, for its real purpose is to reduce the taxes paid by the […]

Fools Gold – The $150 Million Dollar Mirage – How Racing QLD Have Cashed Out $600 Million For a Quarter of the Ticket Price

Since mid-2019 Racing Queensland has been involved in litigation against Tabcorp, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars that it claims the company has underpaid in taxes and fees on various agreements struck by the parties. On the strength of the evidence presented, RQ has generally been regarded as a short priced favourite to win the […]

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