Don’t Try This at Home

What Sam Kerr did yesterday to seal the Premier League championship for Chelsea is simply outrageous. On a scale of difficulty of 1-10 each goal she scored was the perfect ten, and she did it twice. Forget all about gender barriers. Our Sam is the greatest pound for pound striker in the world. Christiano Ronaldo […]

Kevin Walters Can’t Coach, His Son Isn’t Up to First Grade, Reynolds is Too Old, The Forwards are Useless, and the Broncos are Just Bums – Don’t Blame Them Though – It’s All George Pell’s Mate’s Fault

It’s not Rugby son – who the hell wears a scarf to the footy and holds a pill like that? Adam Reynolds made 2 runs for a gain of 12 metres last night in the Broncos loss to the Panthers. His post-contact metre count was 6. Reynolds made zero line breaks, threw 1 line break […]

Don’t Try This at Home

If you tried a thousand time to do what Michael Jordan did here you would fail every time. This is pure basketball genius. Have a crack with the bathroom hoop and sponge ball. Bet you can’t do it. I’ve been trying for 30 years, and I still can’t.

Robbie Slater is an Imbecile

Let’s not proclaim Kerr as Australia’s all-time leading goalscorer. Yes, she has scored more goals for the Matildas than any other player in history. But Tim Cahill was a Socceroo, not a Matilda. His 50 goals for the Socceroos is a record that shouldn’t be overshadowed by Kerr’s achievements. To do so is being disrespectful […]

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