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Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish – Sportsbet and Beteasy are the Worst Corporate Bookies in the World – I’ve Barred the Bastards

At the 2 minute 28 mark prior the jump in race 5 at Newmarket, UK, I attempted to throw away my last $140 from a long, long day on a single race, cos I couldn’t make the decision whether to stop now and write now or not myself, so needed a couple of pommie slaughter merchants to do it for me (Frankie wasn’t riding in this race).

I was on Sportsbet, which I hate, but which was all I had left after early non-cancellable withdrawals post-$26 winners (Maggie says thanks Dean; I say bastard!), and subsequently inconsequential but still frustrating brutalisation for the next 12 hours.

So went 40 on the $9 shot, and a hundred on the $3.25 fave.

Why? Because I could, and I liked their jockeys and their names.

Sportsbet rejected the bet.


I tried it again.

A Red and White sign came up with a notice on it saying BET OPTION NOT YET LOADED, or something like that.

I tried again.

Same thing.


It was only $140 for a max win of $220,and there is now only 2 minutes until the jump.

What the hell is going on?

The market flashes on the screen, and suddenly it has changed.

Now it SP only.


What does that mean in the modern age of the Sportsbet rort, and where the hell did the fixed price market bet go?

The same way as the bookie I guess.

This is automated, individual customer targeted, market adjusted to return a set percentage regardless of size of pool. computer based fraud and rorting designed to slip by the regulators this is.

Sportsbet don’t want to bet me because only desperates or tired don’t care imbeciles like me who are up punting at midnight, and the pool is so small that it makes my collects look huge, so they flash this bullshit up on the screen in lieu of just knocking me back. I’m guessing you get less complaints that way.

I don’t even know what SP is on UK meetings, like I said, and I don’t know if Sportsbet can rort them.

All I I know is that they rorted me.

I took the SP.

I shouldn’t have, but I wanted to clear the account immediately so I could close it, just as I closed my Beteasy account the week before. Five years over there as a VIP client. Didn’t even cop a message or a call. And this mob’s worse.

This Beteasy/Sportsbet merger is a dud.

These two companies have become too big during the expansions that led to them coming together, and the suits in London that run aren’t owners like the BET365 geniuses, just overpaid executives disconnected from the people who pay their way, yuppies without any handle on their revenue streams, who are destined for the bin the day the market becomes a duopoly, and dust when one way or the other 365 turns it all into one.

You wouldn’t bet with these venture capitalist thieved if they hung you by your ankles from the top of Crown Tower.

Bad trees never bear good fruit.

Remember that this soon to me merged new glittery outfit all started with BetEzy, the gutter-feeders of the whole damn grove, and then passed to Jimmy Packer, the man with the anti-Midas touch.

From shit grows, and back to shit it goes.

Sportsbet and Beteasy.

The worst corporate bookmakers in the world.

Author’s disclosure: I am mates with Dean Shannon, the CEO or whatever he calls himself of Sportsbet and Beteasy’s competitors Ladbrokes and Neds. I could have been betting with his mob, but I chose not co cos I figured the bugger had snaffled enough of mine already for one day. This article was not driven or inspired by loyalty to my mates. I don’t have any on race day. This was inspired by a culmination of months of poor treatments as a customer by these clowns, and getting the shits enough to finally decide they can go and get fucked, they’re not getting any more of mine. Who is this guy on the front screen anyway? What punter wants to log on to look at a cop?



Hanging the Innocent to Protect the Guilty – The Aspley Central Tavern Management and Tabcorp Have Quite a Bit to Answer For


Yesterday we published an article questioning why the convicted and twice jailed racing fraudster Wayne Francis Innes – who, when being sentenced for defrauding Racing Queensland of a six figure sum, made submissions in mitigation to being a gambling addict, which were true – was being allowed to openly gamble large sum of money with the TAB through it’s retail agency at the Aspley Central Tavern Hotel.

Well, hasn’t the response been swift, and isn’t it a scandal.

Today the bloke who took the photo that I published received notification from the Aspley Central Tavern that he – the photo taker – had ‘compromised the integrity of the TAB and of the tavern’ by taking the picture, and that he was now banned from the premises that he had been frequenting for years, for life.


I don’t even know this bloke. He took the photo as joke about Innes’ bald patch and sent it to a few of his (Innes) mates as a piss take. A few of them sent it to a few other people, and they sent it to a few more, and one of them sent it to me. There was nothing nefarious about it, and people take snaps on their phones every day, and some of them get published in the media. That’s life.

Just look at the two birds that crossed the border with COVID-19 whose photos have been splashed all over the front pages this week. Is the reporter who plucked them off their Facebook pages going to be banned from anywhere? Of course not. They will probably win an award.

Apparently the bloke has also been threatened with legal action by Innes mate whose back is turned to the camera, ‘Dirty’ Neville Brownlow, who I so dubbed because he had received a well publicised Environmental Protection Order from the government agency responsible for such health issues, ordering him to stop emitting noxious or offensive odours that might make people sick from his waste recycling premises at Yatala.uberta

Now I’m sure anyone can understand why a respectable dump operator like Dirty Nev doesn’t want to be publicly associated with a twice jailed rip off merchant like Wayne Innes, but if Mr Brownlow is so keen to separate himself from the con, wouldn’t you think the easiest way might be not to go out drinking and punting with him on a Wednesday afternoon during working hours? It seems like a no-brainer to me.

The real issue here though is the Aspley Central Tavern’s approach to the issue of responsible gambling, it’s attitude toward harm minimisation, and the pub’s interpretation of the meaning of integrity.

This hotel – like many others around Queensland – is owned by the Eumundi Hotels Group, which is directed by three of the State’s most prominent businessmen in the form of Vern Wills, Joe Ganim and Gilberto De Luca, each of whom are highly reputable gentlemen with impeccable records of acting with the highest integrity in all of their business dealings.

I am sure that of these leading citizens would be absolutely appalled to know that the management of one of their pubs is hosting a convicted fraudster and thief in their establishment on most days of the week, and allowing him to plough thousands of dollars a day through their TAB terminal.

I can tell you for a fact that they don’t know, or didn’t until now, just as none of these three gentleman are aware that prior to Wayne Francis Innes most recent period of incarceration, a certain senior manager at the Aspley Central Tavern – who may, or may not, be related to Innes – was for a quite some time accepting cash cheques from the fraudster on a Saturday morning and depositing the said cheques, which were not made out in Innes name, directly into his TAB account for him to punt with.

Again I am sure that Messers Ganim, Wills and De Luca will be horrified to learn of this practice, which is direct contravention of their requirements of the hotel’s TAB licensing conditions, and has the potential to place their entire operations around the State at risk.


The whole thing is very easy to check.

Simply get the records of all transactions made through the Aspley Tavern on the UBET account of Wayne Francis Innes, and take a look at the deposits, and then reconcile them against the cash receipts for the day, and bingo! You’ve got him.

That’s integrity, isn’t it?

As for the TAB itself, I’d take London to a Brick on that HQ has no idea at all that the management of the Aspley Central Tavern are bandying the company’s name around in their malicious retributive attack on the poor 10 each way punter who took the Innes photo for a joke and had no idea that it was going to end up on my desk through a circuitous chain of chance.

I have to believe that, because the alternative – that the TAB is actively encouraging a compulsive gambler who has been twice jailed for crimes committed to feed his addiction – is totally unpalatable, because such an action has the potential to put their monopoly contract on running TAB’s in this state at risk.

All I can say is that I guess we will find out after the next Tabcorp meeting at the latest, because a number of the largest individual shareholders in the company are avid readers of these site and they, like the upright gentleman who run the Eumundi Hotels Group, play the game completely clean and do not abide with any of this sort of nonsense.

Foolish people often make rash decisions in haste, usually in a craven attempt to conceal their own exposure to risk for doing things that they shouldn’t do.

That’s what the Aspley Central Hotel management have done here.

Such decisions usually come back to bite them fairly and squarely on the arse.




You’d Think They’d Have a No Punt Parole Condition on a Compulsive Gambling Crook Who Stole Hundreds of Tons of Gold From Racing Queensland, Wouldn’t You? – Is This What Tabcorp Call Responsible Gambling Practices?


This photo was taken yesterday at the Aspley Tavern in Brisbane.

See the bloke on the phone on the right?

That’s Wayne Innes.

He’s a former NSW cop who rolled on his mates and sent them to jail in return for an immunity from prosecution during the Royal Commission.

Then he conned his way into a job as the construction manager for Eagle Boys back in the days when pizza franchises were all the rage, and new shops were being built all over the country.

Innes set up a secret third party company and skimmed a slice off every invoice without his boss’s knowledge. He ripped off hundreds of thousands, and punted a large part of it.

He got a couple of years jail for that one.

When they let him out he came up to Queensland, where for years he pulled all manner of rorts without getting caught, including knocking off the TAB at the Brothers footy club on Crosby Road at Albion for about ten grand.

Then he set up an earth moving business, and wormed his way in with the worms who run the Brisbane Race Club. They sold him a life membership, even though he was a jailbird thief who had only been in town for five minutes.

Birds of a feather flock together I guess, but most are still wondering if the BRC brass knew that he paid for the membership with dough stolen from Racing Queensland, and are many are keen to know whether the BRC handed the black money back to the people of Queensland from whom it was lifted.

The good times were really rolling back then, which was a only a few years ago. Innes was buying horses for his best mate Kelly Schweida to train, he was swanning around at trackwork at Eagle Farm every morning buying his great mates Kel and Chris Anderson flash coffees and scones, he was sponsoring races by the bucket load with money stolen through his dodgy company Landfill Logistics, punting up a storm at tracks and TAB’s all over town, and at the urging of his drinking buddy the invisible Chairman of the Creek David Fowler he even sponsored the Winter Carnival at Albion Park, although of course he never paid the bill.

Wayne Innes never paid anything out of his own kick. It was all dirty money that he made from corruption and frauds.

You see he’d teamed up with Billy Shuck, son of the well-respected former track manager and starter Alan, and now the boss of procurement at Racing Queensland, and the pair of them were hooking up dodgy contracts for jobs that made Innes millions without even lifting a finger other than to count the folding.


At the same time the jailed fraudster was pulling huge rorts over at the Ipswich City Councoil, copping contracts for million dollar jobs from the CEO Carl Wuulf in return for battleship sized backhanders paid under the table to he and the Mayor, old honest as the day is long during a winter in Norway, the dishonourable Paul Pisasale.

Most of the dough Innes stole went on the punt of course, $400 first fours plucked by number on every race going from Geraldton to Gilgandra and in between being the fraudster’s preferred form of gambling fancy.

Innes got sprung eventually of course. Dumb pieces of thieving shit always do.

But the cops who put the collar on him for the Racing Queensland rorts – ever wondered why the Eagle Farm track cost so much, and was so flawed in its construction? – had no idea about the ripoffs he was pulling out at Ipswich.

Not until Innes offered up a deal to tell them in return for a light sentence, that is.

The jacks jumped at it, and Innes said you beaut, and for the next 18 months we wore a wire everywhere he went and taped everyone he talked to, and he had his phones and computers all rigged up and rerouted to CIB headquarters too.


I twigged to it the first time I met the prick, which was the night I drove to his house and stood in his driveway waving a baseball bat as I rang him and asked if he’d like to come down and have a chat about the threats of bodily harm toward me that he was making all over the town to anyone who’d listen. Funnily enough he declined my polite invitation, and threatened to call the constabulary.

“You don’t need to you dog” I somewhat aggressively replied. “They’re already listening you scumbag”.

Of course Innes immediately went running around telling everyone I was a loon the next day, and not to listen to anything I was saying about him.

The smart folk who know my form as a good judge of a crook took my sage advice that we was wired up like a cyclone fence, which I imagine saved many of them a good deal of unwanted bother later, but the feckless fools who fell for his sucker punch story had to find out the hard way when they themselves got called into star chambers and cop shops for a rather nerve wracking please explain.

Innes’s wired up chats sunk Pisasale and the CEO, and their long-time bent Labor mate and lobbyist Wayne Myers, a sharp grifter who had never in the 20 years I’d been loosely acquainted with him through politics failed to spot a slick, quick easy earn. They copped their due and are serving lags. The dog even sent the CEO’s wife to jail too, which tells you everything that you need to know about the character of the rat posing as a man.

Wayne Innes own appearance in court was rather curious, because the charges were cut down by a tenth, and so were the sums rorted, and the prosecutor forgot to hand his criminal history up to the judge, instead slipping the wig a little envelope marked POLICE INFORMANT – PLEASE GO EASY.

Easy the judge went too, especially after Innes beak – paid no doubt with blue money or black cash – got up on his feet and told a sad tale about a good man ruined by a gambling addiction, who was full of regret and remorse. The only thing they forgot was the truth and a violin.

Innes copped a ridiculously light twelve months, and served it in style under protection, and they even say that he undertook and completed gambling addiction courses in between watching races on the free to air TV in his hotel room cell while inside.

It worked great didn’t it?

Innes got out 8 weeks ago, and headed straight back to the Aspley Tavern and the TAB.

And here he is sitting there in front of the Sky Racing screens with his prick of a mate and co-owner in the horses ‘Dirty’ Neville Brownlow yesterday afternoon, with a thick wad of pineapples in his hand, and first fours flying around like fairies.

If guts were garters, and honesty was a handbag, and principles were petticoats, and remorse and reform were red raincoats, we’d all be looking at Wayne Innes sitting there in the nude.

The back of his head is a far better view.

Me though? I’d rather just see the back of the wretched rat who stole a fortune from racing, lagged up his mates, thieved from his boss, ripped off honest battlers, and sent a woman to jail.

We don’t need his type in this town.

Tabcorp are a disgrace for having him.

I wonder where got the wads from though?

Which poor sucker Wayne Innes is ripping off now?







Just Imagine That I Was a Drug Traficker Looking For a Money Launderer, and You Were the Smartest Scamming Punter at the Track – 15% Plus the Rebates – An Archie Butterly Fairy Tale About the Punt, Punters, Bookies, Dirty Dough. Laundries and Snow of All Different Kinds

eski's fishing - YouTube

I want to take you into the realm of imagination and fantasy for a few moments.

Just imagine that you a really good punter, a smart maths man who is good with people and very trustworthy, and a recreational coke addict and a bit of a cad as well.

A bloke bowls up to you at the track one day carrying a horse’s head, and says “G’day fella, I’m a major drug trafficker who makes a million bucks a week off a ten grand investment, and a gamble that I won’t get busted by the cops and spend twenty in the can. But I have a problem. I’m on the dole, and if anyone ever decides to take a close look there is no way in the world that on an income of $300 a week plus rent assistance I can justify my 30 inner city apartments, my flash luxury vehicles, my eating out at the best restaurants in town every night, and my taste for antiques and first class, five star world travel”.

“What I need is a dry cleaner to wash my dirty cash clean, and I hear that you are the man. So here is a proposal for you. The take out on the tote is about 15 cents in the dollar, and if you back them at the right time you can get the corporate bookies to bet you at about the same percentage too, and with the plan I am about to put to you they will never cut you off –  the corporates that is – because overall you will lose a little bit with all of them. Not a lot, but when it comes to the turnover numbers I’m about to suggest to you, it will add up to a very tidy profit for them, and they will walk over broken glass to keep your business, even though the ones I don’t already have in my pocket, and because we won’t be triggering their built in hot one alarms, none of them will have a clue what’s going on. They will just assume that you are a lovable loser, and you might even get a whole of VIP benefits like trips to Hong Kong and Royal Ascot, and corporate tents for Africa at events like the Grand Final and The Cup thrown in too”.

“So this is what I want you to do. I want you to wash my black million bucks a week and make it snow white. I’m prepared to cop the 15% knock on the dough and get it back as a lily white $850k. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to slip through the probity process to get a casino license over here in Australia, and in the long run probably a whole lot cheaper than paying Chinese punt junkies to fly over and pump cash through the $5 a push pokies 24/7, 365 days a year and a 366 on leap years too”.

“This is how I want you to do it. Back every horse in a race to win the same amount. Say you’re pumping a hundred large through all the outlets on a Saturday arvo metro race. Back every starter to win $85 000, which is my 100k less the TAB or bookie’s 15%. Then give me back the 85 large, along with a winning ticket for the same amount, or a loan repayment or court ordered settlement – say for defamation damages or something like that – and anything you can make for yourself over the top for you is cream”.

“You’re a real clever dodger – I saw how you manipulated the dogs pool that night to pull off the super small pool best tote price manipulation sting – so I don’t need to tell you this, but because it’s my money and I’m the big man in town I’m going to anyway”.

“What you do is funnel half of the 100k per race through the TAB. You do half of that in your own name, backing as many losers as you do winners, and cop the 4% to 8% rebate on turnover that blokes who load up 25k on  race every race five days a week do, and what you can make their is yours. Remember we are turning over a million a week, so that’s 40 to 80 grand a week less expenses straight into your sky rocket, without risking even a cent of your own”.

“As long as I get my 850 clean for every milliano I lay out, I’m sweet and Bob’s your uncle. You have to do the bowler betting and bank accounts end, and all organise sending all the cheques and online transfers to my spaghetti string of companies in Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland, PNG, Tonga and the Isle of Man, and they have to be in numbers adding up to under 10 grand per shift, just to ensure that the authorities don’t get interested”.

“Here’s the cream though. On top of your 40 to 80 ton, you also get to keep anything that you shave on the odds by getting your inside people at the TAB and the corporates in senior market setting and trading roles to fiddle with them, and you can keep the bet backs whenever you want to lay them too. All I want is the 850 G a week, and not to get busted, and the rest of it’s all yours”.

“The one thing you have to do is not stuff up, or keep your trap shut and don’t lag any bastard if you do, and after that I don’t want to know about the rest. Just because I’m a nice bloke, and because I get it for 6 mexican pesos a key, I will throw in a a dozen grams of primo coke fresh off the plane from South Africa as a sweetener too. You can snort it, or sell it, or stuff it up your boyfriend’s arse if that’s what pushed your buttons. I don’t wanna know. All I want is my clean 85 in the dirty hundred”.

“You will get rich, I will get richer, and if you don’t say yes I’m going to fly an old bloke who looks like your favourite grandfather over from Greece, Albania or Italy, and he’s going to cut off your balls, slit your throat from ear to ear, hang you upside down nude off Tom Uglys Bridge, then cut the rope and feed you to the fishes”.

“What do you reckon. Are you in?”

What would your answer be?

I know what mine is.

Yes sir, when do I start? And what do I wear to work?

It’s all just a fantasy of course.

And a bent punter’s wet dream.

Gee Archie has a vivid imagination doesn’t he?

You get that when you grow up on the track.

Just ask a certain Deputy-Chief Steward somewhere.

He will give you the drum.

Don’t you worry about that.

Tom.Com and the Email Inviting 80 000 Subcribers to Join Dad’s New Bookie Site – A Smile, a Shoeshine and the Big Fat Tens of Millions in Waiting – RobWaterhouse.Com Explained is not owned by Rob Waterhouse.

The new venture bearing his name is in fact owned and operated by a company named Betmakers Technology Group Pty Ltd, who have entered into various commercial agreements with companies forming the Waterhouse Group to allow the use of Rob and Tom’s names, and to provide it with pricing and tipping services.


The Waterhouse Group includes the companies Tom Waterhouse Punting Pty Ltd, Waterhouse VC Pty Ltd and Tarpin Finance Pty Ltd.

These companies are each registered to an address at 1/185 Gloucester Street, The Rocks in the Sydney CBD.

In September 2018 this property was purchased by private treaty by an unnamed buyer – believed to a Waterhouse related company –  for more than $3 million.

The Principal and Managing Director of Betmakers is Newcastle businessman Todd Cameron Buckingham, a former schoolteacher who entered the wagering industry a decade or more ago when he launched and operated the unsuccessful corporate bookmaker TopBetta,

The other Directors of the company are Sydney men Simon John Delhunty, a former Fairfax Executive,and Nicholas Hilary Chan, who was born in Rabul and is believed to be a relative of the former PNG Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan, who remains the Governor of the province of New Ireland.

Delhunty is also a Director of Paga Hill Development Company (PNG) Ltd, which has for some years been embroiled in controversy over its planned development of  gated residential apartment towers – and, importantly – a casino complex on the Port Moresby waterfront.

Three years ago hundreds of long-time residents of the area were evicted at gunpoint from Paga Hill and their houses were razed to the ground so that the developers could move in. The eviction attracted widespread international criticism from human rights groups, and is the subject of the globally acclaimed documentary The Opposition.

Three weeks ago Betmaker made an announcement to the ASX that as part of its agreement with the Waterhouses, the company has entered into an agreement to of performance rights for the purchase of Betmaker shares to a company named Waterhouse VC Pty Ltd.

The Director, Secretary and sole shareholder of Waterhouse VC Pty Ltd is Thomas Waterhouse, aka Tom.Com.



Performance Rights are contractual rights to receive shares in the future if certain conditions and/or targets are met. Options provide the right (but not the obligation) for the person or company that they are issued to to buy a fixed number of shares in full or part in the future at a price fixed at the grant date.

Tom Waterhouse has been issued with performance rights to purchase more than 950 million shares in Betmakers, provided that revenue targets are met.

The minimum revenue required to trigger the issue of the first tranche of performance options is just $100 000.


The current share price of Betmakers is 4 cents per share.

If the options target is triggered Tom Waterhouse can buy 40 million of these shares at a price of just 6 cents.

The majority of the rest he will be able to purchase for 18 cents.

For every cent that the share price rises above 18 cents, Tom.Com and his family companies can potentially make about $10 million per cent.

And they don’t have to even put a dollar of their own into the company.

Nice work if you can get it, isn’t it?

Once a bookie, always a bookie.

Oh dear, have I missed the opportunity of a lifetime here?

Perhaps when Rob Waterhouse was making inquiries all over town last week about my financial status and asset position after I wrote the Let it Snow stories, it wasn’t in preparation for a legal assault on me aimed at shutting my stories and my website down.

Maybe he just wanted to offer me a cut of the performance rights windfall bonanza.

Oh well, my daughters own everything through the Family Trust they manage and operate. I just live on handouts, and the chances are slim that they would have slung me cash to enter into a deal with Rob Waterhouse.

They are conservative investors anyway, and have a firm rule about dealing with convicted criminals.

Like a bet?

This could turn out to be the most expensive product launch in history.

Editor’s note: The minimum revenue requirement to trigger the issue of the first tranche of performance options over Betmakers shares to the Waterhouse companies is just $100 000. Nothing in the ASX announcements or the information provided to shareholders  says whether this is gross revenue or net (turnover or profit). Like I said, it’s nice work if you can get it. Perhaps the low trigger bar is the reason why we have received so many emails from readers over the past 24 hours complaining about cutting their bets back to paltry amounts. What’s it matter to them?




Rob Waterhouse Launched His New Website – and Smashes the Gambling Laws into a Million Little Pieces


It is illegal under NSW law for a person or company to advertise any offer or inducement designed to encourage another person to open a betting account.

An inducement includes the offer of odds boosted prices.

This is not a grey area.

It is black and white.

The laws are published clearly on both the NSW Government and NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming (OLG) websites, are detailed in numerous OLG publications that have been widely disseminated, and are very known to all corporate bookmakers.


Offers of additional (boosted) odds or increased winnings to punters as an incentive to open an account with a betting provider are defined as an inducement under the laws, particularly in circumstances where the offer of the boosted odds are for a limited period (for example, they expire at the end of the day), or offered in a limited quantity (e.g. 5 bet boosts per day).

It is lawful for a wagering provider (e.g. a Bookmaker) to offer existing customers such boosted odds offers.

It is utterly unlawful for a bookmaker to offer these inducements as a means of attracting new customers.


Yesterday the oft-controversial Robert (Rob or Robbie) Waterhouse launched a new corporate bookmaking agency, the eponymous

It is difficult to conceive that there is anyone in the racing or gambling industries that knows the wagering and betting laws better than Rob Waterhouse, who has worked exclusively in these industries for all of his life.

Furthermore, Rob Waterhouse is a third generation bookmaker (his son Tom is the 4th – more of him later), is married to one of Australia’s leading racehorse trainers (Gai), and has spent more time in and out of courts and tribunals over the past 35 years than any other bookmaker in the country.

This is what Rob Waterhouse published on Twitter from his own account held in his name yesterday.

rob tom

By any reasonable interpretation, Rob Waterhouse has broken the law.

Smashed it into a million little pieces.

The maximum fine for each instance of breaching the law is $110 000 for a company or corporation, and $11 000 for an individual person.

The 2002 High Court case of Dow Jones v Gutnick determined the common law principles of law regarding publication of online material, and these laws have  become entrenched since, and not form part of the law.

The important principle as it applies to this matter is that an online publication (for example, a tweet) is deemed to be published each time that it is downloaded by a reader or used (clicked on, accessed or read).

What this means is that each time a person clicks on the Rob Waterhouse tweet offering prospective clients an inducement of five boosts to open an account with, it is a separate publication, and therefore may be deemed to constitute a stand-alone breach of the law.

That Tweet may prove to be a very expensive exercise for Rob Waterhouse and his business partners Betmakers and his son Tom, and turn out to be the most expensive betting advertisement in history.

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink – Be a Top Betta – Check the Books – Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow – an Archie Butterfly Exclusive

Does anyone remember the former corporate bookmaker TopBetta?

It’s hard to, because they were shite, but they were the ones whose prize attraction was the so-called betting tournaments, which worked on the old Gerry Bellino run casino above Bubbles in the Valley rules, where punters ante up the stake pool, and the house takes their reasonable slice.

That was the run of the mill business, and it fuck all of it too. The pools were usually tiny, the take was nothing, and TopBetta’s profits were about 2/3rd’s of nix. The company was built on credit, in had nothing in assets, and the only cash in the bank was borrowed.

Yet somehow it managed to find the funds to guarantee a $100 000 betting tournament pool a few times or more a year.

Sometimes they even funded bigger ones too, like the one in the video at the top.

This above is the promo for the Vic Derby Day 100k tournament in 2015.

See the bloke in the middle?

That’s ‘You Betcha’ Steve Fletcher, the dodgiest self-proclaimed professional punter in Australia.

You Betcha had pulled a boat job in a Listed race at Eagle Farm a few years before, the one where he paid Bobby El-Issa to hook Bold Glance and let Essington win.

He’d been kicked off the course, but with a little bit of help from his friends had overturned it on appeal, but everyone in the gambling world knew that he was red-hot and smoking.

So what was he doing here in a corporate bookie’s promo?

What indeed.

Top Betta ran more than a few of these $100 000 promotions.

Did anyone in racing authority ever look to see who won them, and check these so-called winners bona fides?

Kylie Minogue taught us that’s it’s never too late, and that we’ve still got time.

I would strongly suggest that the Racing Integrity authorities do have a look at the results of these six figure tournaments.

You may just be amazed at what you find.

One man's wink is another's winken – what did Abbott do?

Half a Million in Legal Costs and Rising – Why the Hyeronimus Betting Charges are Only the Tip of the Iceberg – Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow – an Archie Butterfly Exclusive


This is the list of legal representatives employed to argue what seemed to be a relatively simple matter of whether pro prunter and all-round accused dodger Steve Fletcher had to let the Stewards look at his whole phone.

Just take a look at Racing NSW’s lawyers and barristers, and try to tell me that this is about a few low-level rule breach charges being laid against Waterhouse/Bott jockey Adam Hyeronimus, and Waterhouse/Bott trackwork rider Blake Paine.

Bret Walker QC is one of the best barristers in the land, top three at the very least.

He charges $25 000 a day, and is worth every cent.

Walker’s junior Gerald Ng hasn’t been granted silk yet, but it won’t be long.

Ng is an absolute gun, and his daily fee is about $10 000.

Racing NSW’s instructing solicitors YPOL don’t come cheap either.

They are a top of town commercial litigation firm, and charge out their services at about $800 an hour per solicitor.

Our tip is that there were at least 3 of them on race day, and a few others as well while the horse was in work.

The lawyers from YPL all would have done no less than ten day’s prep.

The barristers would have done at least five.

At a bare minimum, that’s almost $200 000 in solicitor’s fees, and another $175 000 odd for the wigs.

A total of circa $375 000, and that’s just for the appeal.

The initial case would have cost plenty too.

Racing NSW’s legal costs are up over the half million already.

What was it on Steve Fletcher’s phone that the integrity officials were prepared to spend so much money to see?

Do you really think is about Hyeronimus and Paine having a few bets?

I’ll bet you as much as you can carry that it’s not.

Racing NSW is out hunting for Marlin, not flounder.

It’s a choppy ride out there past the reef, in the big deep blue sea.

Will the stipes land the big fish they’re chasing?

Or will he fight the hook and beat it, and swim off with their line singing hey diddly Rob diddly dee?

I guess we’ll see.