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The Laugh’s on You Scooter

Peter Gleeson's vitriolic rant against ABC misplaced | Gympie Times

You may know Peter ‘Scooter’ Gleeson (pictured above) as the Sky talk show shock jock with the voice made for newspapers.

You might even read his column in the Courer-Mail too, if you are after another laugh.

I did today, and I haven’t stopped chuckling since.

This is what he wrote as part of his weekly sledge at the Greens.


Whales struggle to see anything above water do they?

Well Scooter, I’m afraid the joke is on you son.

The Quandamooka whale is a humpback.

Humpback whales are mammals

They, just like other mammals like us, can see perfectly well of water. It’s a well known scientific fact.

It’s a whale of a laugh alright.

And the whole world’s laughing at you.




David Fowler’s Dirty Deal – And How Pins Parnell Got Done – The Inside Story of the Attempted Knifing of Josh Fleming – And the Sell Out of Harness Racing in Queensland


This is the Supreme Court claim that Albion Park Harness Racing Club lodged against Racing Queensland.

Or should I say, this is the second claim the club lodged.

The first one was settled after Racing Queensland promised to pay what is detailed below, or it was supposed to be settled anyway.



It was pretty simple wasn’t it?

Albion Park would withdraw its claim on the promise of Racing Queensland that it would pay the club

$300 000 for its legals fees

$1 million to spend on harness racing activities (i.e. prizemoney)

$14 million to spend on the construction of a new stand

It was on this legally binding promise that Albion Park had withdrawn the first claim.

Racing Queensland welched on the deal.

All it paid was the $300 000.

The club never saw either the $1 million or the $14 million.

So it launched the second action, the one listed at the top, and now on top of the promised $15 million that wasn’t delivered, it sought damages, costs and interests.

Fair enough too. A promise is a promise after all, and a promise sworn in front of a Supreme Court judge is a whole lot more.

You’d think the Alnion Park Club were almost good things to win the case, and they were, until David Fowler did a secret dirty deal with Brendan Parnell in a despicable attempt to save his race career broadcasting career and keep his quarter of a million dollars in various salaries, sweeteners and assorted bits and pieces flowing for the next twenty years.

You see, the Tabcorp merger with the Tatts Group meant that Fowler’s radio calling career was on borrowed time, and so were all his gigs on Radio TAB, including his Monday morning show The Press Room.

Fowler knew that Tabcorp, which also owned Sky, wasn’t going to keep paying for two callers when they could simply simulcast Josh Fleming’s TV call onto the radio too, and it was obvious that the hick town local Radio TAB operation would be centralised and run out of Sydney and Melbourne, so he was going to lose out every which way.

Without his show and his calling, Fowler would have no dough to feed his gambling addiction, and with the loss of the prestige of being Mr Make Believe Alan Jones on a Monday morning he’d just become another balding middle-aged weirdo with a penchant for Spring Hill S&M dungeons and peeing on handsome young men in bathtubs, but his opportunities to pick them up without paying would be down the plughole, and being broke and on the dole he wouldn’t have the pesos to pay for his pleasures anyway.

So David sold harness racing and it’s proud history down the river.

He met Pins Parnell in secret, and cut a deal to sell the Creek in return for a lousy $1.1 million to the club to cover its legal costs – most of which Kevin Seymour paid anyway – and the guarantee of a job tied into the next Brisbane racing broadcast deal.

In return Fowler promised Pins he would don and doff his Chairman’s cap and withdraw Albion Park’s lay down misere of a legal case.

And that my friends, is exactly what happened.

The legal action was withdrawn.

The $1.1 million was paid.

Fowler and Parnell did over poor innocent Josh Fleming.

And Bob was both their uncles.


Or that’s what they thought anyway.

Lucky, Archie, Scooter and Ray had other ideas.

Well, guess who won the war?

I’ll give you a clue – it wasn’t the Bantam and Pins.

I hear Mr Parnell has been ringing Scooter – better known to most as Courier-Mail columnist Peter Gleeson – in recent days, going off his rocker about old Scoot publishing his half million dollar plus salary in the paper for all to read.

Well bully for you Pins.

You should been a real leader and manned up and taken a COVID pay cut.

But you didn’t, and now you are paying the price.

The funny thing is that at the end of the day it will Pins falling on his sword, not Fowler.

That little schemer has a legally binding contract with Sky for the duration of the broadcast deal in his pocket, and is laughing all the way to the bank, or to the pokie lounge at the Albion Hotel at least.

Pins contract runs out in months.

Do you reckon its likely to be renewed?

You can get plenty of 5-2 with me.

It’s unders though.

I hear Ray Hadley is betting 33’s.






Hit Again Benny! – Bits and Pieces From Pins Parnell and Around the Tracks

“Hit again Benny!” says Pins Parnell

The word out of George Street is that with the State election fast looming, and influential broadcaster Ray Hadley on the attack, Racing Minister Stirling Hinchliffe is under increasing pressure from his cabinet colleagues to stand down Brendan Parnell as his dealings over the BRC – Sky Racing deal are fully investigated by the CCC.

The word out of the Deagon bunker is that Parnell is working overtime on the Racing Queensland accounts to deliver a super financial year result, in a desperate attempt to save his job and his own skin.

The question on the street is does Parnell really believe that the Government and the public are silly enough to fall for that trick, given that RQ saved millions of dollars by deleting big money races like the Doomben Ten Thousand from the racing calendar, and slashing prizemoney across the board?

Why hasn’t Parnell shown industry leadership by voluntarily taking a pay cut during the COVID-19 cutbacks, instead of accepting a near ten percent pay increase?

The Judas Iscariot of Queensland racing, David Fowler, had reportedly flagged a month ago that he intended to stand down as Albion Park Chairman after successfully back stabbing the universally popular Josh Fleming and stealing his job as the Brisbane race caller. Now that the knife has been turned back on the Bantam, will he have the luxury of leaving on his own terms?

Is Fowler the most despised person in Queensland racing right now?

Or is Parnell?

Where is the Brisbane Racing Club in all the current brouhaha over the attempted execution of Josh Fleming? After all, it was the club’s broadcast deal.

Why is that club proceeding to build a second residential tower at Eagle Farm, when there are still a number of units in the first tower that remain unsold?

How will the club service its near $100 million debt given that in the original ‘Master’ plan the break even point was the construction of six towers and the sale of all of the units in same?

Which senior Racing Queensland executive’s husband was thrown out of the Queens Arms Hotel last week for breaching the COVID-19 protocols by refusing to sign in?

Why was the tyred and emotional gentleman so reluctant to have his presence at the hotel recorded? (spelling mistake intended).

Did the really put on such a performance that management were forced to call the police to remove him from the premises? And did he really leave shouting ‘don’t you know who I am?’ We guess everyone does now.

Why had the joint Federal-State police taskforce investigating the widespread doping of racehorses in a number of States deliberately kept the local racing integrity officials in the dark as to their activities?

Are certain senior people in those integrity offices, particularly in Victoria, themselves targets in the police investigation?

Is it any coincidence that leading Victorian harness racing identities and life partners Clayton Tonkin and Emma Stewart – winners of the past million or so premierships – are now training under separate licenses, when for a decade Tonkin has pretended to simply be Stewart’s stable foreman?

What are they afraid of?

Where exactly is the $10 million that has disappeared from the Harness Racing NSW bank accounts over the past 2 years?

How were contracts for the $30 million spent by Harness Racing NSW on infrastructure projects over the past 6 years actually tendered and let?

Was there a competitive tender process? Or were the lucrative contracts just gifted to mates?

Is there really a compounding drug lab/factory in South Australia that is producing and distributing much of the synthetic EPO being used by drug cheats in the racing industry across Australia?

Who is the leading Victorian harness racing vet said to be in the eye of the EPO needle?

Why has disgraced Victorian vet Dr Tom Brennan – who was disqualified for 5 years for his involvement in the cobalt affair – been seen regularly getting on and off planes at the Brisbane airport and at certain regional Queensland airports in recent years?

Do the whispers about a certain well known equine chiropractor presently plying his trade in Queensland having a secret side business selling unregulated substances have any foundation?

If so, are the substances that the person has been selling correctly labelled?

Were the bottles seized from the Sears Racing stable in the recent police raids correctly labelled?

Why are horses from the stable of leading Brisbane trainer and outspoken anti-cheating advocate Robert Heathcote seemingly going so poorly since he spoke out against a number of his rivals?

Will former Queensland Chief Steward Steve Railton be offered a position in the local stewarding ranks when he returns home from Hong Kong for family reasons? After all Railton has panels in ability and experience on anyone in the current bunch of stipes, and is fifteen years younger than at least two of presently employed integrity officials.

How good is the young Queensland harness driving superstar Angus Garrard? This 17-year-old schoolkid has been unstoppable since gaining his metropolitan license, and will be at unbackable odds to win next year’s premiership even though he will still be completing Grade 12 during the season. All power to him, he’s a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of Angus Garrard, why is this young man the only driver smart and responsible enough to wear a face mask during races (below left)? Shouldn’t it be compulsory?


What are the jockeys in Victoria’s problem with wearing them? Frankie Dettori wore one throughout the whole Royal Ascot carnival, and it certainly didn’t affect his performance. It doesn’t affect Angus Garrard’s either.

When will a major Queensland Group 1 harness race like the Sunshine Sprint be renamed in honour of Kevin and Kay Seymour? Given the couple’s outstanding contribution to the sport over 50 years surely there are no two people in racing who deserve the honour more.

How bad are Bet Easy and Sportsbet, and how much worse are they going to be when their merger is complete? Both bookmaker’s bet boost options are a joke, and their offers to punters are nothing but an insult. Anyone who doesn’t bet with Neds is mad.

What’s the real story behind the recent change of licensee at the New Farm TAB in inner-city Brisbane?

In this post-coronavirus world, do TAB agencies have any future at all?

Does the Australian Pacing Gold yearling sales have any? With the numbers flocking to the rival Nutrien sale by the day, it appears doubtful.

How is the APG actually managed when its office is in Bendigo, it’s CEO is based on the Sunshine Coast, its Marketing Manager lives at the Goldie, and none of the staff bar one actually live in Victoria?

Oops, no it’s not. As of this week the APG doesn’t have an office anymore, just a post office box in Fernvale, Queensland. Have the sailors abandoned the ship?

How will jockey Adam Hyeronimus be spending the next two years after his disqualification for betting offences is soon handed down?

Congratulations to former South Australian hobby trainer/driver Megan Gee on her first win in Queensland on the 40-1 shot Viewbytherock in the Marburg to Albion Park final at the Creek on Saturday night. What a great effort by the young lady with only her third runner in Queensland. May there be many more.

Wouldn’t every code of racing in this State be flying if all the clubs performed as well as the greyhounds at Albion Park and Capalaba? The respective club chiefs Luke Gatehouse and John Catton and their support crews are the unsung heroes of Queensland racing. A huge pat on the back to them both, and to them all. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you actually love and care about your sport.






Is the Bantam Trying to Take the Mickey Out of Mr Kevin Seymour AM? – A Tip From the Sportsdesk – It’s Not Wise to Invoke the Wrath of Khan – FIRST PUBLISHED 20 MARCH 2020

How to Cook an Old Rooster or Hen

We warned you about the David Fowler/Brendan Parnell, Bantam/Pins dirty deal four months ago.

Just in case you missed it then, we reprint out story in full now.

You don’t think Ray Hadley just woke up one morning and had a Eureka moment do you?

Never get mad my old Grandma who taught me how to punt used to say,

Always get even.

David Fowler agitated among his dirty BRC mates for my arrest on trumped up charges, and cast about that I was an idiot and a fool.

This from a bloke who once when in his twenties tried to hit on little sixteen-year-old me at the trots, and wanted to take me home and put me naked in a bathtub and piss on me, and there are witnesses to prove it.

What a vile f*cking pervert.

Brendan Parnell ran around telling people I wasn’t a writer to discredit me, saying I was just a mad blogger with no idea about anything at all.

He even ordered that I be cut off the Racing Queensland media distribution list, while leaving arse kissers with a twentieth of my readership on.

Well who’s the idiot now I wonder, and who’s got the connections and who hasn’t?

I’d say right now we are about half square.

What do you reckon?

The other half of the square up is not too far away either I hear, and it won’t be me doing the business, it will be the authorities and the racing industry.

Don’t you worry about that.

And watch this space.


The Mark Dux trained Benefactor was an absolutely magnificent Queensland pacer of the late 1990’s.

He won two Triads, the 4-year-old Championship and a Winter Cup, and retired with a near 50% strike rate of 33 wins from 67 starts and more than a quarter of a million dollars in prize money in the bank.

It appears most peculiar that the Albion Park Harness Racing Club would elect to name a lowly Free For All run at twenty to six on a Saturday arvo/evening in such a top class pacer’s honor, for surely Benefactor deserves a bit better than that.

Kevin Seymour does too.

He’s been a benefactor himself at Albion Park for decades, and had damn near kept the club alive for years, even in the face of the incompetent leadership that Chairman David Fowler has exhibited through his loss of nearly $800 000 since taking over the leader’s mantle from Seymour.

Lately things haven’t been too good between the photo finish averse race caller and the super-successful businessman who was for many years his mentor, not too good at all. Fowler blindsided Seymour by leading a palace coup to shut him out of influence a Albion Park, then agreed to drop the club’s long-running lawsuit against the racing authorities who want sell the Creek, in return for not very much at all except an opportunity to bite the hand that once fed him and give its owner a good kick in the guts.

That’s why the Remembering Benefactor Pace is being run on Saturday night directly before a couple of races named after stallions that Mr Seymour owns and stands at stud. The Bantam can’t help himself. He’s sticking the slipper in again, or thinks he is anyway.

All David Fowler’s really doing by showing such disrespect to a person who – love or hate him – gave so much to harness racing for so long, is laying his own vacuous character bare for the whole world to see, and the picture ain’t pretty.

I’ve had plenty of stoushes with Kevin Seymour, but they were mano el mano and straight up, with plenty of big hits both ways but no rabbit punches or low blows as part of the game.

The Bantam doesn’t box the same way.

I guess he’s still too dirty at the Marquis of Queensberry for starting the snowball that landed Oscar Wilde in Reading Gaol to abide by the gentleman’s rules that old flirty Bertie’s dad laid down as fair play.

It’s a bad mistake I reckon, and while that’s only my opinion, it’s coming from a bloke who understands the theme of the movie Wrath of Khan.

I wonder whether Chookie’s a Trekkie?

Guess not.


The Death Knell Sounds For Radio TAB – Oh Dear – How Much Does the Dole Pay? – And What Pulpit is the Bantam Going to Pontificate From Now? – FIRST PUBLISHED 30 APRIL 2020


A death knell doesn’t always sound like a regular church bell. Traditionally, the bells were half-muffled. To do this, someone would cover half of the bell’s clapper with a leather muffle. Because of this, the bells produce a softer chime.

I’ve been listening to SENracing on the radio for a week now – we pick it up here in Kuranda off 99.1FM in Atherton – and I will tell you what, for anyone who like you and me loves sport and racing, it is an absolute cracker of a station.

I will tell you something else too.

If anyone who works at 4TAB owes you dough, SEN’s announcement that it is launching a racing station in Brisbane in September is the biggest tip you will ever cop to run to the front of the queue in about August to collect what they owe you, before they knock it off on the pokies, because our local station is cactus.

SEN are the big boys of sport broadcasting. The station’s owners are a mix of investment bankers and sports specialists, and its national presenters are highly regarded former A-Grade journos like Gerard Whately, and AFL legends of the ilk of Garry Lyon and Tim Watson.

These names might not presently be well known to non-Aussie Rules fans in Queensland, but be assured that they are big deal, and paid commensurately, and SEN has just forked out big dough to secure the services of huge local talents in the shape of Paddy Welsh and Ian Healy to front the Cane Toad end of the operation.

These are serious hard hitters in the world of sport. Wherever he goes, Heals alone pulls more listeners in a couple of hours than The Press Room on the former ALP owned 1008 AM station does in six months.

The banking chiefs in charge of SEN are no mugs either, and you can be 100% certain that they aren’t spending their time, money and efforts expanding into Queensland just so that they can compete with no-names on 4TAB like David Fowler, Nathan Exelby and Cameron Partington.

These big guns haven’t bought two dozen frequencies on the cheap from community radio stations for fun, or because they are stupid.

They have bought them because they know Radio TAB is gonzo.

It’s over for the piss-weak, sycophantic, plucked from obscurity and given a stage by their mates, no-talent bums from nowhere who have been running the radio version of Hillbilly heroin in Queensland ever since Peter Beattie sold off 4KQ and used the proceeds to fund Goss to knock off Russ and Joh.

They’ve had a good run that most of them never deserved, but now they are cactus. Gone by lunchtime, never to be mourned or remembered again.

Oh well, such is life, and bloated redundancy payments are sweet.

Until you butcher them on the punt, that is.

The bloke I feel for in all this though is David Fowler.

Precious Partington has his two-hatted gig representing the trainers association and selected jockeys who pay him a percentage going, and Racing Nathan remains the editor of no-one in the virtual press room at the Courier-Mail. They are both financially stable, and the redundancy kicker will help firm their already Good 4 ground up, so come turn out the lights time at Albion in not so many weeks time, that pair will be sweet.

But what about the poor old Bantam?

David still lives with his Mum and Dad, and is asset base is rumoured not to be overly strong, with some cynics even claiming it’s tomato sauce. These are things I don’t normally write about, but hey what’s good for the goose is good for the Bantam, and what goes around in the form of bunny rabbit punches eventually comes around in the shape of straight rights too.

When the bell tolls softly and the lights at 1008 go out, and poor David loses both his gig as a radio race caller, and the pulpit from upon which he preened and preached from the script he’d penned at the back table of a pizza joint the night before is pulled from under him, what is Brisbane’s fourth-ranked photo finish fence sitter and failed Alan Jones imitator going to do?

I guess just like Rick and Elsa in the movie Casablanca always had Paris, the Bantam has always got the chair man at the Creek.

Oh shit, no he doesn’t.

Didn’t he recently cut a deal with Pins Parnell to sell Albion Park down the river?

Without any promise of a new paceway to which he could order some minion to move his down-padded and purple velvet-lined big chair?

Hasn’t he just appointed the brother of the bloke who bowls for his arch-enemy King Clip-Clop Kev to the job of running what’s left of the once jumping trot joint?

At least one well known wag around town reckons that the little red rooster was once the Dux of Brisbane Grammar, and a mighty fine debater too, back in the days of he and the infamous Kevin Lynch and Garth Kolter’s prime, but I find it to believe him.

Not just because the wag is the Bantam himself, but rather because I don’t reckon that anyone so smart could really be that dumb.

Never mind.

There’s always the dole.

It pays double these days I hear.

I wonder if Centrelink offer a quaddie?

Racenet Rehash of the Sky Racing Press Release – Punters are Smiling All Over Queensland – Some Times the Good Guys Win After All

The racecaller situation in Brisbane involving Josh Fleming and David Fowler has been a hot topic in recent weeks – but Sky Channel insists there has been no change.

They say Fleming will continue to call Brisbane racing on the primary Sky Channel service and on Sky Thoroughbred Central.

“Josh Fleming is continuing to call Brisbane racing. There is no change,” a Sky spokesman told Racenet on Wednesday morning.

“We are in the fortunate position of having two outstanding Brisbane race callers in Josh and David Fowler and both continue to call for us across our Sky Racing and radio network.

“It’s an unusual position, the only one like it in Australia, where two callers effectively do the same role, so it is something we have reviewed, but no changes have been made.”

Racenet understands the Brisbane Racing Club, which runs races at Eagle Farm and Doomben, had been keen for Fowler to call their races on Sky Racing.

The BRC recently signed off on a new 10-year media rights deal with Sky Racing.

There had been incorrect speculation in recent weeks that Fleming had been sacked by Sky Racing and that Fowler was to take over.

It is understood there was a move made for Fleming to call the races at the Gold Coast – but Sky on Wednesday said there would be no change.

Fleming, who has some upcoming holidays, took over from his mentor Alan Thomas as Sky Racing’s principal caller for Queensland in December 2015.

Fleming hails from the Queensland bush, growing up in Barcaldine and calling his first meeting at Longreach in 1998.

Fowler is currently the caller for radio broadcaster RadioTab in Queensland.—josh-fleming-to-continue-to-call-brisbane-racing-for-sky-channel-20200715

“I’ve Got No Axe to Grind With David Fowler” – No Ray, Only a Guillotine

An Axe to Grind': 10 Idioms and their Manly Origins – Wolf & Iron

A young Archie peeking out the window, watching Ray Hadley at work

My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.

British PM Neville Chamberlain returning from Germany after signing a peace treaty with Hitler. Less than a year later, World War 2 began.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Bill Clinton, denying he did the full business Monica Lewinsky. He was telling the truth – it was only penetration with a cigar, and a blow job.

I have never doped.

Lance Armstrong, who doped for most of his career.

I’ve got no axe to grind with David Fowler.

Ray Hadley, luring Davie boy into a trap.



“I Don’t Like Young Blokes Getting Dudded, and I Don’t Like Them Getting Dudded by People Like Brendan Parnell, Who Has Taken Queensland Racing to the Depths of Despair” – Ray Hadley Gives Pins the Greatest Spray in Living History

If you haven’t heard Ray Hadley get stuck into Racing Queensland CEO Brendan ‘Pins’ Parnell over the disgraceful treatment of Josh Fleming yet, then just listen to this.

Ray even directly quotes from stories that Lucky Lingard – who first broke the story on – and yours truly wrote and published, long before the mainstream media picked up on it.

Did I ever tell that Ray Hadley was an avid reader of this site?

I guess I don’t have to now.



Give Big Richie a Break

Richard Callander: Media personality banned for six months, fined ...

Last Thursday’s announcement of Big Richie Callander’s appointment as the CEO of the NSW Trainer’s Association has been greeted with a catcall of abuse from readers of the once grand but now extremely boring website.

It’s totally unfair in my view.

Sure Richie did the wrong thing by breaking the rules on a horse sale. There is no denying that, and he doesn’t deny it.

We all make mistakes though, its been a continuum of human life since the day it began, from Eve taking the apple in the Garden of Eden on. Richie’s paid his penance, and he’s done his time. There is nothing more you can of him than that.

You show me a bloke his age who is better versed in racing than Richard Callander is, and I will show you show someone who is an absolute world class expert on all things Australian racing.

The big man is an asset to racing in my view.

Good on him and I wish him the best of luck in his new role.’

Not that he will need it,

Has Big Richie Gone Around the Twist?


This is what Richard Callendar wrote in his column on Racenet yesterday.

I’m concerned that the big fella may have gone around the twist.

Not one of the jockeys he has named except Ethan Brown has a career strike rate of any better than ten percent.

All of the top 10 jockeys on the Victorian premiership ladder do.

There is depth in the riding ranks down in Coronavirus land alright.

There is at the bottom of the sea too.