The Teachers Pet Trial – The Ocean is Deep and Wide, and Full of Stories That You Just Couldn’t Make Make Up If You Tried

We are all formed as adults from our experiences as a child, but even more – consciously or unconsciously – from our deeper family experiences long, long before. For each of us the marker poles and the touchstones are different. One of mine is being a victim of child abuse – rape really, even though […]

The Teacher’s Pet – Is It Proper to Liken a Judge to a Paedophile When Reporting on a Trial?

Hawtrey last hit the headlines in 1984, when a rent boy set his house on fire. Newspaper photographs showed him naked except for a blanket without his toupee. Four years later he died as a result of peripheral vascular disease. He was sacked from the Carry Ons in 1972 after turning up drunk for […]

Introducing the Honorary Dr Hedley Thomas – The Great Man Re-Writing the Global Rules of Objective Journalism, All on His Own

You called any suggestion of a confirmed sighting as a cruel hoax, didn’t you? Yes. You just decided that you didn’t accept their evidence, is that the position? No, I decided that their evidence wasn’t sufficient to get to the level of it being a confirmed sighting, in my view. So again, it was any […]

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