Paul Gallen is on a Fast Track to a Dementia Ward – And We All Stand By and Clap The Gallen fight night was a joke. The whole thing is a fraud. Ben Hannant is an old, fat, footy front rower many years past his prime. He couldn’t box to save his life, but because Gallen can’t either he was able to take him the full four rounds. It was a great pub […]

The Fight of the Sydney Century – Perrottet v PVL – One Man Who Believes Deeply in God v Another Man Who Deeply Believes That He is God – This Ain’t Gunna End Well For Peter V’Landys

Good judges rate the 1985 Hagler v Hearns bout as the second greatest fight in boxing history, behind only the almost supernatural Ali v Frazier III, the Thrilla in Manila, and I agree with them. These two amazing middleweight’s went at each other toe to toe from moment that the bell rang, dazzling us with […]

I’d Still Rather Run Than Duck – Peacocks, Treasures and Blokes Who Get Knocked Out By Old Kiwis – Great Boxers in Trots

After reading our story about the boxer cum trot trainer Tony Peacock yesterday, racing historian and footy and boxing devotee Gold Coast Greg wrote in to let us know that A. Peacock is the heir of a proud lineage of pugilists who wielded the reins. Huge thanks to Greg for digging the info contained in […]

I’d Back Lester

Trot trainer Tony Peacock used to be in the top ten in the world back in his fighting days. Most of us weren’t born then. Lester Ellis was five times the world champion. Ellis never got the kudos he deserved, because he fought in the golden Fenech era, and the Marrickville Mauler got all the […]

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