The Shoe Maker’s Nose is Growing Longer By the Second

@nickcat7 is the shoe maker who fluked the $670 000 multi.

If you believe what he posted on Twitter – and why wouldn’t you, for he has no reason to lie – then his Bet365 and Ladbrokes accounts are bowler accounts, meaning that they are in his wife’s name but he controls and operates them.

Bum punters like this bloke only have 2 reasons to get their wives to bowl for them.

They have either self-excluded in a fit of post-smashing gambling remorse, or they are milking matched deposit bonuses to which they are not legally entitled.

I think they call it fraud.

I suspect that the shoe maker might have thought that too.

Why else would he go back and delete this tweet after he’d landed the big prize?

An even better question is why do people who are pulling rorts advertise the fact on social media?

In this case I am guessing that at the time the shoe maker was just a loser tweeting to three other losers, two of whom are in their fifties and live at home with their mum, the other one living in a tent in a caravan park, so it didn’t matter.

Thanks to the clown’s ill-judged decision to go on a Current Affair in a veiled attempt to get Ladbrokes to pay him the full whack to which he is not entitled on a quaddie that was five times the size of the pool, it matters now.

This bloke seems to have been operating an account illegally.

His wife doesn’t punt, only he does.

He had no right to get paid anything at all.

Just a thought.

Wasn’t Pinocchio’s puppet master a shoe maker too?


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