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Lot Number 1 – Australian Pacing Gold – A Colt From Old Regret, Out of Bettorbobwillhaveplenty Soonsunshine (by Betting Line)


Wasn’t it nice of my mate Clip Clop Kev to post a couple of caps celebrating my second favourite pacer up to Frank Lodge, my humble farm and standardbred rehoming facility up here in the tropical North Quueensland rainforest?

I’ll have to catch up with him for brekky again next time I’m down in Brisbane, and shout him bacon and eggs to thank him.

With his joint Dreamworld shut down because of the virus and the borders closed to bring his horses back from Menangle, I hear the poor bugger is doing it a bit tough at the moment, although they tell me he’s spending his time in COVID-19 isolation reflecting on the old days, back when the Harness Sales and Series he set up was flying higher than a Blackhawk, and the whole trot world was happy.

It’s a shame that a bunch of haters and wreckers came along and ruined the joint, but the beauty of the market economy is that where one company fails, another with a customer-centric focus always comes along to fill the void, and take its place.

I hear Bet 365 has framed a market about the chances of the APG sale happening in 2021, and another one about it offering more than 150 lots.

$40 is the current price I’m told, but you’d be a mug to take it.

The good oil is that pretty soon the price will be blowing out like a gale, and I always prefer to recommend you bet with local Australian managed and run bookies anyway, so the money flows fairly through the home economy, rather than into the pockets of a select few.

Can Boofhead Bob Marshall prove me and the bookies wrong by pulling a Lazarus and reviving the APG’s sudden, sharply declining fortunes?


It’s about the same odds as Destreos winning the 2022 Inter-Dominion.

Don’t you worry about that.


Archie at the Miracle Mile, Menangle 2020. Sadly ours didn’t win it, but we’re looking to claim Destreos for the big one in 2022.


Tyzone Should Have Been Disqualified From the Straddie, Robbie Fradd Should Have Been Given 3 Months and a Massive Fine, and the Queensland Stewards Should Just Hang Their Heads in Shame

In footy if you commit a professional foul you get sent off, and you do in basketball if you flagrantly foul someone too.

In golf you lose the match if you break the rules by moving your ball.

Formula 1 drivers lose are disqualified if they jump the start, and are so are 100 metre sprinters at the Olympics.

Swimmers in the breastroke at the Games are out of the race if they use a freestyle kick, and if a walker breaks into a job they are too.

It’s called cheating, and it’s not on in any sport.

Any sport except horse racing it seems.

The whip rule was introduced some years ago as an animal welfare measure, to prevent undue harm to race horses.

Under these universally known and understood rules, a jockey is prohibited from striking their mount with the stick more than five times before the 100 metre mark.

Yesterday in the Straddie, jockey Robbie Fradd absolutely thrashed Tyzone with the whip all the way down the straight, and hit it 16 times before the field reached the 100 pole.


Look at the replay and count them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Eleven more strikes than any rider, including Robbie Fradd, was allowed.

Fradd broke the whip rule wilfully and deliberately, and without any care or concern whatsoever for Tyzone’s welfare.

In my view he should be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

At the very least he and his mount should have been disqualified from the Stradbroke Handicap, and Fradd should have been outed for at least 3 months and issued a fine of a hefty five-figure sum.

Michael Walker was.

He copped a $10 000m whack and a seven meeting suspension for whipping Prince of Arran 12 times before the hundred in last year’s Cup, and Robbie Fradd hit Tyzone four more times than that again.

Fradd cheated.

Pure and simple.

He cheated, and it won him a Group 1 race, and the Stewards let him do it.

Fradd’s minimum winning riders fee was over ten grand.

All he copped was a $500 fine.

Obviously afraid of a totally justified outcry from the animal activists, Chief Steward Peter Chadwick seemingly deliberately withheld details of the the number of times Fradd flogged Tyzone from the Official Stewards Report.

This from the number 1 racing integrity official on the course, a man who has the protection of the welfare of all racing animals as his one of the fundamental, non-negotiable requirements of his role.


This is an absolute disgrace.

The whip rule is nothing but a joke, and so is Chadwick.

But it gets worse.

Take a close look at just HOW Robbie Fradd was whipping Tyzone.

He belted him roundhouse around the forequarters.


He jabbed the whip back-handed full force into his guts.


He raised his arm above head-height, in flagrant breach of the rules.


And then he smashed him on the neck and head.


Why do you reckon Fradd was using his stick in such an odd and unlawful way?

I reckon I know.

It rhymes with Carp.

This is absolutely outrageous.

Anyone who loves animals should be screaming from the rooftops.

Connections of the other runners should be heading for the courts.

Punters who backed the 2nd horse should be getting a refund.

And the Stewards should just hang their heads in shame.




Q&A With the Greatest Trot Trainer Ever to Walk the Earth – And One of the Nicest Blokes You’d Ever Hope to Meet Too


Your author (2nd from right), with Mrs Barry Purdon (aka Katrina the Beautiful, far left), Trot writer and analyst extraordinaire Mick Guerin (2nd from left, hugging Katrina, the lucky bugger) and a couple of other VIP’s in NZ harness racing, collecting Belle of Montana’s trophy after she won her first Group 1

1: Best horse who have ever been associated or worked with:


He was a Champion, he had truck loads of attitude.

2: Best horse you have ever seen live:


3: Best horse you have seen in any form:

Kingston Town

(Baz obviously never saw Winx)

4: If you could have any driver in history driving for you in most important race of your life, it would be?

Tony Herlihy

5: The best trainer you have ever seen:

Mark Purdon

(Big Ba is being modest – he sees the best trainer ever in the mirror every morning)

6: Your favourite racetrack:


7: The unluckiest or hardest to swallow defeat of your career:


Someone’s bad luck is always someone’s good luck, that’s the way it goes.You have to remember that the Trainer of the winner has worked just as hard on his horse, as you have, move on you cant re run it.

(This sort of super positive attitude is the foundation of Barry’s brilliance)

8: The race you have never won but would love to:

The Dominion

(Archie has a plan to fix that. She’s a US youngster named Summer Storm)

9: The horse we never got to see the best of:

Vic’s Vance

10: The racing win, yours or somebody elses, that gave you the most joy:

Luxury Liner – NZ Cup – He was courageous, a real Champion stayer, he never gave in.

11: Who is the person in harness racing you haven’t seen since lockdown started you are looking forward to seeing the most when we get back to the races?

Swabbing Stewards

(They’re not looking forward to seeing BP – he always throws clean. That’s because he is)

Reproduced with the presumed permission of HRNZ, who run a great show https://www.hrnz.co.nz/news/q-and-a-with-barry-purdon/

A Whole Lot of Baloney About a Bloke Who’s Name Isn’t Even Moloney


It seems that I write a story almost every second week about Ryan Maloney being replaced on a mount because he’s overweight, and I have to admit it becomes frustrating.

When are the Queensland Stewards going to get serious and dish Maloney out a suspension for his repeated infractions of the rules, like they have recently to fellow jockeys like Les Tilley?

Probably when they learn to spell his name I guess.


Some Punters Have All the Luck – But Punters From Kuranda Have More


The Top Pub, run by Jeff and featuring a TAB

The bloke who runs the top pub up here in Kuranda (top being at the top of the hill, the bottom pub is at the bottom) has bought into two horses in his life.

Jeff is his name (that’s the bastard on the right in the feature photo), and despite my virulent entreaties about the folly of paying ten times the odds for training fees the pedigree nut purchased a few units in a couple of horses offered by the unit trust miRunners.

The first one was Dusty Tycoon.

It won 2 races in town in Brisbane and that got it a start in the $2 000 000 Magic Millions 2YO Classic. It did no good, but who cares? At least Jeff’s horse was there. My wife Maggie’s start colt Thunder Mania wasn’t. It missed out on a start after narrowly failing to gain enough prizemoney in the BJ McLachlan at its second start, and so did my mate Dean’s galloper Way Beyond who competed in the same race.

The second miRunners horse that Jeff grabbed a small slice of was a colt called Fixated. It’s a starter in the $2 million Inglis Millenium Classic at Warwick Farm today, and at odds of $12 and with gun rider Reegan Bayliss aboard its a bloody good chance too, particularly if the 2’s on favorite Cellsabell comes out this morning as expected.

Meanwhile, poor old Maggie’s half-honest mare Bright Idea is running around three races later on the same card at $26 in the BM70 for sheilas.

Some bloody people have all the luck don’t they?

But doesn’t Kuranda population 2500 punch well above its weight?


The bottom pub, sans Jeff and TAB. Needless to say, Archie doesn’t drink there.

How a Soft Track Can Be Far Too Firm – And an Alleged Racing Editor Can Be a Bit of a Herm


The track at Eagle Farm was officially rated as a Soft 5 on Saturday afternoon.

A soft track – once known as dead – is a track with a reasonable amount of give in it.

That means that it is not firm.

So why did Andrew Mallyon say this about the beaten favorite Snowzone that he rode in the second last race?

And why would such a skilled and experienced racing journalist that Nathan Exelby swears to be not say to him “Um, Andrew. It was a wet track mate”?


I am far too much in awe of Racin Nathan’s greatness to risk embarrassment by asking what appears so obvious a question that there must surely be a catch.

Given the way he’s been looking at me on the odd occasion that our paths have crossed in George Street lately I don’t think old Nath likes me overly anyway, so if I raised the issue directly he’d probably run to his favourite coppers and claim that I was picking on him.

I am however most curious about how such a star journo like the wage slave Sexy Exy could print something so weird and wacky.

Do you reckon Bernie might ask him the question for me?

PS: I wonder why Mallyon didn’t say anything about the firm track to the Stewards?


Don’t most racing writers and editors work on a Wednesday?

David Fowler’s Allergy to Picking Photo Finish Results Appears Incurable

Brisbane’s number 4 race caller David ‘(fogged up) Goggles’ Fowler* is a man who just seems to hate a camera, particular one that is pointed at race horses as they cross the finish line in races that he happens to be calling.

We’ve commented many times about Goggles’s reluctance to give listeners a steer by picking the bob in a photo finish, and he was up to his old tricks again at Eagle Farm this afternoon.

There were 9 races on the card, and Goggles failed to have a crack at calling six photos. It’s not a bad effort from a bloke who’s paid well to inform punters how the horse they’ve backed has fared, is it?

Let’s take a look at this afternoon’s Oliver the Optometrist sponsored Goggles Hall of Lame.


Race 1 – Goggles calls it a photo for third, even though there’s a clear neck between the 3rd and 4th placed horses.


Race 2 – Goggles correctly calls Kuttamurra Al the winner live as they cross the line, but when Sky throw up the slow mo of the finish you see above he for some reason tries to back out, declaring “ooh it’s tight!”.

It wasn’t. Kuttamurra Al won clearly.


Race 3 – Goggles stays out of the photo for second, despite there being a clear half-head margin between the 2nd and 3rd placed horses.

Race 4 – There are wide gaps between the first 4 horses home, so Goggles gets a rest from regular indecision.


Race 5 – Matt McGillivray hooks Boom Boy out from the back and takes it to the extreme outside. It’s clear that the horse is going to be in the finish from at least the 300 metre mark, but Goggles fails to spot it and only calls it once the entire length of the straight, when they are about 120m from home.

Boom Boy wins clearly. Goggles declares it too tight to call.

Race 6 – Hooray! Goggles finally gets one right. It wasn’t hard.


Race 7 – Our man bounces back to form by declaring it a photo finish for third. The 3rd horse actually beats the 4th placegetter by a long neck.

Race 8 – No close finishes in this one, so by default Goggles gets it right.


Race 9 – The day finishes as it started. Goggles is unable to see that the horse in yellow on the outside has hung on for third, even though Blind Freddie and his uncle Sightless Steve have picked it from the stand.

* Brisbane’s top 5 race callers in order:

  1. Terry Spargo
  2. Chris Barsby
  3. Bunny Brasch
  4. Josh Fleming
  5. Goggles