3 x 1.7 = 6 – Why the NSW Breeders Incentive Scheme is a Bust – And Why Throwing More Money at it is Just Like Peeing in the Wind in a Cyclone

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result Albert Einstein In season 2005/2006 the then board of Harness Racing NSW undertook a comprehensive review of the breeding incentive schemes operated by the peak body, and after determining that further stimuli was required to address the […]

Meet Doug Overhiser, Summit Bloodstock’s Man in the States – Part 1 – Doug Pays $145 Grand For a One Eyed Horse

Douglas Overhiser is Summit Bloodstock’s business partner in the United States of America. Overhiser was a nobody in American harness racing until two years, a bloke that nobody knew, just the same as Summit Bloodstock’s owners Jamie-Durnberger Smith and Jake Webster overwere here too. The trio made their rapid rise from obscurity together, on either […]

Meet Doug Overhiser, Summit Bloodstock’s Man in the States – Part 2 – Doug Cops $1.7 Million in Non-Repayable COVID-19 Relief Loans

The Paycheck Protection Payment (PPP) was the US equivalent of our Jobkeeper, a Government rescue package for businesses to keep them afloat through the pandemic, and to keep their employees paid, alive and in a job. It was paid by way of a ‘loan’ to businesses, but it wasn’t a loan it all it was […]

Meet Doug Overhiser, Summit Bloodstock’s Man in the States – Part 4 – Doug Lands the Treble, and Squashes Another 25 Workers into the Spare Bedroom

He is good boss Doug Overhire. A man who looks after his workers. Admittedly he may have forgotten the 25 workers he employs at the other company OB Trucking Inc in the 2020 PPP loan application round, but we can forgive him, for the buggers were hiding in the spare bedroom bedroom and keeping real […]

What are the Odds of Coolmore Winning the $4.2 Million it Paid For Sunlight’s Brother Back on the Track?

The $4.2 million that Coolmore shelled out for Sunlight’s full brother at yesterday’s Inglis Easter Yearling Sales got me thinking about the success of siblings on the track, and wondering just how often lightning strikes twice by getting two top-liners from the one family. The first pair that sprung to mind were the champion Octagonal […]

Half a Million Bucks Plus For a Mare Who Throws Horses That Can Turn a Cow in a Figure of Eight – That’s Love

As you can see from the explanation at the top, camp drafting (or cutting) is essentially mustering cows, the type of sport that the Man From Snowy River excelled in, when he wasn’t chasing packs of brumbies down Snowy Mountain to kidnap the valuable young champ who decided to decamp from home and get away […]

The World Has Gone Mad

The top priced seller at yesterday’s Nutrien yearling sale was a filly by Somebeachsomewhere out of Caitlyn Clarke NZ, purchased for $160 000 by Geelong based businessman Danny Zavitsanos. Now you can understand why Mr Zavitsanos wants to get hold of the last daughter of Somebeachsomewhere ever to be sold in Australia, for he is […]

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