Our Cryptojock Expose Prompts Action by the Legitimate Digital Industry – The Ball is Now in Racing.com’s Court

Our story overnight about Cryptojock has come to the attention of highly respected blockchain expert Gordon Christian, the managing-director of award winning online digital company Digital Playhouse, and caused him enough consternation that he has written to racing.com requesting an urgent investigation into the bona fides of Cryptojock and its currency. Mr Christian’s correspondence was […]

Racing.Com Act as PR Agents For a Law-Breaking Con – Quality Racing Journalism at it’s Finest, Brought to You By Token Tim Yeatman and the Jock

https://www.racing.com/news/2022-06-01/news-industry-a-new-crypto-era-in-horse-ownership Racing.com featured the above story on its website on Wednesday. about the so-called revolutionary crypto currency racehorse ownership opportunity called CRYPTOJOCK being offered by an electrician from Ipswich named Matai Noble. A real racing media outlet would have had a little bit of a closer look at the scam/scheme before they dived in and […]

It’s Not Only Shearers in Canterbury Who Fleece

Pembrook’s Princess Has run a few placing without having any luck during the running would suit racing out of Canterbury selling as owner only wants Canterbury based horses. https://standardbred.gavelhouse.com/lot/1204/pembrook-s-princess This ad is a load of absolute bollocks, which is I guess what you’d expect from the syndicator Andrew ‘the Canary’ Fitzgerald of Off N Racing […]

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Andrew ‘The Canary’ Fitzgerald is a licensed New Zealand harness racing trainer/driver who holds himself out as a registered syndicator of race horses, specifically at this moment yearling standardbreds and old, tried, unsuccessful gallopers. The Canary isn’t really a syndicator though, no matter what he may pretend to be. He is a nothing but a […]

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