Hidden Menangle COVID Outbreak Update – All Trainor and Grimson Horses Scratched From Newcastle Tonight

All horses trained by Jason Grimson and Jack Trainor have been scratched from the meeting at Newcastle tonight. Trainor is not driving at the meeting. As we advised you this morning there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 at the the Menangle Training Centre that is being hidden from the public by the racing authorities. […]

EXCLUSIVE – COVID-19 Outbreak at Menangle Harness Track – NSW Racing Authorities Covering it Up

COVID-19 has swept through Menangle, and a number of participants are seriously ill with the disease. Those known to have contracted it to date are Inter Dominion winning trainer Jason Grimson, leading driver Cameron Hart, junior driver Will Rixon, and the Menangle farrier, a fellow named Judd. It is believed that Hart caught the disease […]

Ho Ho Ho!

No it isn’t a bunch of young Menangle drivers on white lines at the club after the Gold Tiara final. It’s not a club committeeman 5 hours into a free bar tab either. It is an art class. What better way to spend a night 48 hours out from the ID21 grand final hey? You’ll […]

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