EXCLUSIVE: The Teacher’s Pet Trial – Why It’s Too Late For the Crown to Say Sorry Your Honour, and Change It’s Case

Errata means error.

The Crown Prosecutor themselves raised the issue with the Judge as to what to about them.

It was agreed that minor errors – spelling errors, etc like the example that the prosecutor gave below – would be simply corrected.

CROWN PROSECUTOR:  Sometimes when ‑ I’ve already failed at least once to not correctly either pronounce or spell someone’s name.  Former senator Peter B‑a‑u‑m‑e is in the transcript as “n” for November, rather than “m”.

But any error that had a material impact on the case, anything controversial, as the Judge said below, had to be raised with him and argued.

HIS HONOUR:  Yes, but those matters, I’m not troubled by that.  It’s only if it raises an issue that’s relevant to a decision in these proceedings.

The fatal error in the Crown’s opening expression of it’s case was not.

In other words, to quote Hunter S Thompson, you have bought your ticket, now you have to take the ride.

The Crown said their case was that Chris Dawson killed Lynette Dawson so that he could have an unfettered relationship with Lynette Dawson.

It is there in black on white.


Well sorry cowboys, this is a posse chasing down an outlaw, and you’ve all picked your horses, and you’re strapped onto them now. It’s too late to turn back.

It is what it is.

And it is what it ain’t.

Giddy up.


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