On The Bit – The Mike Tyson of the Racing World – And the Best Named Company in Australia Too

We all know about On The Bit Racing (OTBR)’s support for trainer David Reynolds, the man accused of perpetrating multiple crimes against women. Well Reynolds isn’t the only questionable character associated with the company that holds lucrative six-figure State Government contracts to broadcast country race meetings. See the sponsor called Brisbane Plumbing and Gas Supplies […]

The $51 500 Gladstone Race Meeting Was a Rort – There Needs to Be an Inquiry into What Went on Here – The Integrity of Racing Demands It

The Gladstone race meeting in Queensland was a five race card carrying $61 500 in prizemoney, including QTIS bonuses. It should never have been held at all. The whole thing was a scam. Racing Queensland guidelines specify that a race has to have five acceptors to proceed. If it does not, then the race is […]

An Open Letter to On The Bit Racing Australia Pty Ltd and It’s CEO Mr Matthew Peters, in Response to the Assertions of Alleged Truth Made By He and His Company on Their Facebook Page Today (Free to Read For All)

Today On The Bit Racing (TBR) has posted a long diatribe on Facebook claiming that a smear campaign is being conducted against the company by a ‘minority group’ who are ‘picking apart as many points as they can to discredit everyone involved’. Given that this website is a vociferous critic of the poor quality of […]

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