Auckland Trots TV is a Failure – So Are the ATC Board – These People Are an Absolute Disgrace – They Have Slaughtered the Sport

The word around the traps is that of 12.01am Saturday morning, the great, grand folly better known as the Auckland Trots Night TV experiment is – in a word – cactus. Dead, buried, cremated. Gone, gonzo, gone burger. Only a few short weeks ago a club (Auckland) teetering on the verge of bankruptcy paying for […]

Archie, Jamie, Mick, Mrs Purdon, and Some Bloke From Alabar – Memories, Light the Corners of My Mind

Someone told me the other day that I knew shit from clay, and was making up any involvement in NZ Harness Racing. The same bastards said I didn’t know Julia Gillard either. Or Aunty Helen. When’s the last time they ever high-fived a Prime Minister hey? Or gave the Chairman of the Auckland Trotting Club […]

The Death of the Auckland Trots – and the Men With Harness Racing’s Blood on Their Hands Who Continue to Lie About It

Our biggest achievement of the past 12 months has undoubtedly been the completion and settlement of the two apartment projects, a development that all members should be proud of, and this now gives us the opportunity to consider new investments and new decisions. Our bank debt has been discussed in detail at previous AGMs, but […]

No Tree Hill, Just a Cross For the Croon Era Cabal to Bear – the $700 Million Dollar Mortgage Over Alexandra Park

The Auckland Trotting Club (ATC) has sold the farm to fund its failed dreams of transforming itself from a racing association into a property developer. Every single blade of Alexandra Park, including the track, has been mortgaged. There are two mortgages held over AP. The ANZ bank holds one for $500 million. Westpac hold the […]

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