Farewell to a Good Man – See You at the Straight Track in the Sky Wayne – Thanks for Everything Mate – You Done Good

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People I know from the gallops often ask me why I like the trots and the dogs so much.

The answer is easy.

It’s the people.

There are no pretences in these codes like there are at the races; no members stands, no suits, no ties, no segregation by class or wealth, no snotty nosed wankery, no f**kwits who think that just because they’ve gone to a private school and pulled a property development rort or two they are better than anyone else.

No champagne bars, no girls or boys days out, no tractors stolen and removed to the Darling Downs, no near $100 million dollar debts that the people who have incurred them will never have to pay, no billionaire pump a chook full of steroids and cut its head off owners daughters who confuse the vicarious pleasure of pulling a champion at your 2 753rd six figure yearling purchase price attempt with actually being a good judge, no Kiwi trainers who become overwhelmed at the thought of their own brilliance and cry, no Kiwi jockeys who earn $5 million a year, half of it by losing rather than winning, no Amanda Elliot’s or Lloyd Williams, no jigger wielding Weirs or drench soaking Smerdons (not on a mass scale anyway), no Sheiks who kidnap their daughters and lock them in Supermax, no Prince Andrews who fly to private islands to practice pedophilia, and no bloody wankers like Glen Boss.

You only get people at the trots and dogs.

Well sort of. Some are them are dickheads too, but you get that in any industry or place. Most people at the red hots and dishlickers are alright.

I didn’t know Wayne Harris, but I do know a lot of birds and blokes at the dogs who are alright.

To a woman and man they tell me that Wayne was a champion.

That’s good enough for me.

Thanks for everything mate.

You played hard and you did well, and everyone appreciates it.

We thank your family too.

Only love can give a bloke the space you were given to give to the greyhounds and to all of us who love them.

We loved you, and we love your family too.

They will never have to pay for a feed or at the dogs ever again, and if any club administrator disagrees, then tick it up and send me, the Eagle or JC the bill.

We will miss you Wayne.

A lot.

When Little Byrnes wins the Auction final Catto’s going to mention you in the speech.

Sorry we can’t make it tomorrow.

Our thoughts are with your family, from Cambridge to the Cae.

See you at the box draw for the Pearly Gates Classic. No doubt you will draw the red you bugger..

You bloody deserve it too.


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