The Man Who Believes He is God – And a Tip From a Punter Hangs Out in the Public Stand and Around the Stables, and Studies the Form

Not too many men go from a cell in Long Bay to the right hand of God. The one you can see, not the one you can’t. In NSW his name is Perrottet, Dom Perrottet. Not shaken. not stirred. The other bloke’s Mickey Blue Eyes. He eats Greek muesli for breakfast. I’m not slagging Peter […]

The Fight of the Sydney Century – Perrottet v PVL – One Man Who Believes Deeply in God v Another Man Who Deeply Believes That He is God – This Ain’t Gunna End Well For Peter V’Landys

Good judges rate the 1985 Hagler v Hearns bout as the second greatest fight in boxing history, behind only the almost supernatural Ali v Frazier III, the Thrilla in Manila, and I agree with them. These two amazing middleweight’s went at each other toe to toe from moment that the bell rang, dazzling us with […]

Whatever Happened to the Truth in Media?

Yesterday The Australian published a commentary piece written by a woman named Dr Muriel Newman. You can read it here. In the article, Newman inferred and all but stated that NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden was Josef Stalin, and her government were leaders of a repressive, totalitarian regime that ‘destroyed’ lives of unvaccinated people. […]

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