Whatever Happened to the Truth in Media?

Yesterday The Australian published a commentary piece written by a woman named Dr Muriel Newman. You can read it here. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/commentary/this-is-what-makes-the-ardern-government-so-dangerous/news-story/602acabba81dbfaba1adb83192123bd7 In the article, Newman inferred and all but stated that NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden was Josef Stalin, and her government were leaders of a repressive, totalitarian regime that ‘destroyed’ lives of unvaccinated people. […]

Put These Bums Last

I saw this on Twitter today, and my immediate reaction was not to believe it. It has to be a hoax I thought, a photo-shopped piece of anti-Green propaganda. Surely no semi-mainstream party would be so ridiculous that one of their policies would be shut down all forms of racing. That’s just insane. I forgot […]

Let the Gay Blossoms Bloom – This Election is All About the Killer Crocodiles – Bob’s Your Uncle – Don’t You Worry About That

Bob Katter, made headlines in 1989 for famously promising to “walk to Bourke backwards if the poof population of North Queensland is any more than 0.001 per cent”. His half-brother, Carl, later came out as gay, but it didn’t make Bob anymore interested in marriage equality or human rights. The Mad Hatter had more important […]

The Reason That Scomo’s a Certainty to Win the Next Election, Even Though He is a Dickhead – The ALP Strategists Are Bigger Ones (FIRST PUBLISHED 9 DECEMBER 2021)

Anthony Albanese – Albo – is the most popular bloke in the Labor Party. Everyone who carries a red card loves him, although few ever thought he’d ever be the $1.62 favourite in a two-horse race for PM. That’s just crazy that price. Albo is the lay of the century. Australians like leaders who know […]

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