ICAC LIVE – The Con Revisited

The hearing resumes. We learn that Gladys received a ministerial briefing about the ICAC Operation Dasha, the one had that caught Dazzler with his pants down and his hands in the till. The briefing contained allegations about the Dazzler’s dealings while a member of parliament. Robertson starts again down the road of wanting to know […]

ICAC LIVE – Daryl Tells Gladys That ICAC Could Even Be Taping Their Call – Spot on Sherlock – For Once in Your Life You Are Right

You can’t even have a conversation with anyone anymore.  They are all taping it. That is what Maguire says on the tape. Famous last words for him too. It’s just all bullshit he says. It’s like the Spanish Inquisition. They could be taping your conversation with me right now. You wouldn’t know. It’s all just […]

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