God Bless You Son

The picture you see above is taken from a brilliant investigative story by the ABC about the life and crimes of wicked, sexually perverted child molester named Brother Stephen (Steve) McLaughin, and about the people who protected him.

When I was a teenager getting abused at St Paul’s, McLaughlin was a boarding master at the neighbouring Nudgee College, one of Brisbane’s leading Catholic schools, top three. He later became the headmaster.

The bloke was a sicko, they all were these private school teaching pedos, and they were all connected too. It was a ring. McLaughin, my principal Gilbert Case, Australia’s worst pedophile Kevin Lynch, who was a sicko his whole life – they were all in on it, and have left a trail of dead bodies behind.

Now that they have been sprung, the Catholic Church has decided to spring an inquiry.

It’s a crock.

The people at the top have always known about Brother Steve and his mates.

Everyone did.

They have covered up for this bastard for decades.

And cover up for him still they do.

See who they have engaged to do the inquiry?

A barrister named Tim Spence, the husband of the Green-sacked for Federal MP for Griffith Terri Butler.

Spence’s father is a Catholic School Principal.

His uncle the ‘Reverend’ Dr Jim Spence was, and remains, a prominent Catholic Priest.

Dr Jim Spence presided at the funeral of the long-time Liberal Federal MP Dr John Herron, who was one his closest friends.

Herron was allegedly complicit in covering up Brother Steve McLaughlin’s crimes.

Troy Spence doesn’t carry the sins of others, or necessarily their religious leanings, but gee if you were going to pick an independent inquirer into McLaughlin’s crimes, I don’t think it would be him.

This is a fix.

The government needs to step in.

Oh, that’s right.

The Premier and the Attorney-General are his mates too.


The place where all the water is crystal clear.

Except when it ain’t.

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