Dear Councillor

Whilst I admire your activism on behalf of the low waged – me being one – and your concerted efforts to end the plague of violence against women, both of which are highly honourable and absolutely essential outcomes and goals, I feel compelled to express my grave concern about your role in locking up Australians and keeping monkeys in cages.

Wellington is a wonderful city, one of my favourite in the world, but it is no place for old men and monkeys, and dingoes too.

Our killers don’t cope too well with the cold, and aren’t used to Antarctic winds and freezes.

Most monkeys aren’t either.

Would you like Scotty Morrison to lock you in a cage?

I think you need to change your ways.

In Zoos we trust.

A.J. Butterfly (sportsman)

Editor’s note 

Councillor Fitzsimons is a book binder’s daughter, a farmer’s grand daughter, and a passionate advocate for all things good.

She is also a member of the Wellington Zoo trust who lock animals in jail.

One day soon – probably next year – F. Fitzsimons will enter the big show (Parliament) and become the Racing Minister.

She will be a good one too.

After that she will become the PM, and be even better at that.

We might as well start buttering her up now.

You never know, one day we might need a job.


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