Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish – Sportsbet and Beteasy are the Worst Corporate Bookies in the World – I’ve Barred the Bastards

At the 2 minute 28 mark prior the jump in race 5 at Newmarket, UK, I attempted to throw away my last $140 from a long, long day on a single race, cos I couldn’t make the decision whether to stop now and write now or not myself, so needed a couple of pommie slaughter merchants to do it for me (Frankie wasn’t riding in this race).

I was on Sportsbet, which I hate, but which was all I had left after early non-cancellable withdrawals post-$26 winners (Maggie says thanks Dean; I say bastard!), and subsequently inconsequential but still frustrating brutalisation for the next 12 hours.

So went 40 on the $9 shot, and a hundred on the $3.25 fave.

Why? Because I could, and I liked their jockeys and their names.

Sportsbet rejected the bet.


I tried it again.

A Red and White sign came up with a notice on it saying BET OPTION NOT YET LOADED, or something like that.

I tried again.

Same thing.


It was only $140 for a max win of $220,and there is now only 2 minutes until the jump.

What the hell is going on?

The market flashes on the screen, and suddenly it has changed.

Now it SP only.


What does that mean in the modern age of the Sportsbet rort, and where the hell did the fixed price market bet go?

The same way as the bookie I guess.

This is automated, individual customer targeted, market adjusted to return a set percentage regardless of size of pool. computer based fraud and rorting designed to slip by the regulators this is.

Sportsbet don’t want to bet me because only desperates or tired don’t care imbeciles like me who are up punting at midnight, and the pool is so small that it makes my collects look huge, so they flash this bullshit up on the screen in lieu of just knocking me back. I’m guessing you get less complaints that way.

I don’t even know what SP is on UK meetings, like I said, and I don’t know if Sportsbet can rort them.

All I I know is that they rorted me.

I took the SP.

I shouldn’t have, but I wanted to clear the account immediately so I could close it, just as I closed my Beteasy account the week before. Five years over there as a VIP client. Didn’t even cop a message or a call. And this mob’s worse.

This Beteasy/Sportsbet merger is a dud.

These two companies have become too big during the expansions that led to them coming together, and the suits in London that run aren’t owners like the BET365 geniuses, just overpaid executives disconnected from the people who pay their way, yuppies without any handle on their revenue streams, who are destined for the bin the day the market becomes a duopoly, and dust when one way or the other 365 turns it all into one.

You wouldn’t bet with these venture capitalist thieved if they hung you by your ankles from the top of Crown Tower.

Bad trees never bear good fruit.

Remember that this soon to me merged new glittery outfit all started with BetEzy, the gutter-feeders of the whole damn grove, and then passed to Jimmy Packer, the man with the anti-Midas touch.

From shit grows, and back to shit it goes.

Sportsbet and Beteasy.

The worst corporate bookmakers in the world.

Author’s disclosure: I am mates with Dean Shannon, the CEO or whatever he calls himself of Sportsbet and Beteasy’s competitors Ladbrokes and Neds. I could have been betting with his mob, but I chose not co cos I figured the bugger had snaffled enough of mine already for one day. This article was not driven or inspired by loyalty to my mates. I don’t have any on race day. This was inspired by a culmination of months of poor treatments as a customer by these clowns, and getting the shits enough to finally decide they can go and get fucked, they’re not getting any more of mine. Who is this guy on the front screen anyway? What punter wants to log on to look at a cop?



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