Another 2.6 Second Killer Cross Tale


Shanway used to be with Mick Craven.

He’s a damn good trainer, the latest in the line of a lot of real good trainers from the same family, skilled horseman and big race winners one and all.

Craig Cross was a stablehand shovelling shit until a few years ago when Belinda McCarthy, who herself came from nowhere to the top after her husband Luke got scrubbed for cheating, got scrubbed.

Less than three months ago Killer Cross took over a horse named Shanway from the Craven’s.

In a year and a half under their care it had never run faster than 1.58.3.

After just 7 weeks with Killer it was running 1.55.7 at Newcastle.

It did it again last night at Albion Park, and over 2138m too, not the 1609.

Bloody amazing isn’t it?

Killer’s the second best trot trainer in the world.

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