I Remember if I Cried – When I Heard That All the Blue Magic Men Died – But Something Touched Me Deep Inside – The Day, That Ride High Flied

My god.

Oh my sweet lord.

I have never seen anything like Ride High’s win at Bendigo tonight in my entire life, and I’ve watching pacers fly around tracks since the day that I was born.

This horse is either the greatest pacer in the history of harness racing – and I’m talking in the World, not just Australia – or his seemingly supernatural brilliance is one of the greatest frauds ever pulled in the history of sport.

I am not sure which of these propositions is true, and which is false, but I am certain that they are the only two things that Ride High can ever be, and he can’t be both.


1 August 2020.

The night Ride High entered the annals of history, and assumed his golden throne as the King and Emperor of them all.

The night that harness racing was changed forever.

No horse can do what Ride High did tonight.

They can’t run 1.49.0 at Bendigo in their natural state. It’s just not possible.

Ride High took 2.7 seconds off the track record.

I’ve done the sums – that’s 38.65 metres.

And Kima didn’t even pull the deafeners.

You can’t do that.

It did.

And it could have gone even faster.


You have seen the future of harness racing.

It’s name is not Righ High.

It’s gene manipulation.

Injecting extraneous cells into a horse with it’s natural ones, and altering its internal makeup forever.

I will explain to you how it works in a moment, but the essential fact for now is that drugs are yesterday’s news, at least at the top of the game. This is the new deal. Injecting cells into cells, and creating super horses.

It starts here in the trots with top class horses who worth the expense of doing it properly, but soon it will extend and the practice will multiply, and everyone who wants to survive will have to take it up too.

Thoroughbreds are only a blink of the eye behind, and if it gene doping hasn’t already started, it will. Race horses will start improving by seconds, and breaking records like the East German Olympians of the 80’s.

There is no way to stop it, so to the only for the sport to survive its surge is to adopt it, and let everyone alter their horse’s cells.

This proposition will be unpopular with many, perhaps most.

But it is the only way to stop the cheats, and save the sport.

Grow it even, just like the new cells have made pacers grow and fly.

The war on drugs doesn’t work, it never has. We only catch the poor, the stupid, the all too greedy and the damned unlucky.

We can chase our tails forever funding science labs to run a futile race chasing but resourced scientists backed by mafia money, or we can stop deluding ourselves and start redirecting our money into researching how we can go with the flow and be pioneers of the art of keeping genetically modified superhorses healthy, safe and well.

Do we need cell manipulation?


Can we stop it?

No way.

So we are at the cross roads aren’t we?

I know which way I would turn, and it’s not the path we were treading before.

I love watching fast pacers fly.

I loved watching Ride High tonight.

I know they’re cheating.

But 1.49.0 at Bendigo?


Oh my god that’s fun.


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