What Do You Think the Two Girls Who Brought Back Coronavirus From Melbourne Were Really Doing? – Wake Up Australia – They Might Be on the Game – But This Isn’t One

Two of the women at the centre of Queensland’s coronavirus scare: Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu

I wasn’t going to write about this, but yesterday I started sneezing and started panicking about having the virus, and the whole world flashed before my eyes.

I don’t have it thank god – swab negative – but shit it worried me, far more than copping a bullet in the head ever has or ever will. Because it would have been someone else’s stupid fault and not mine, and that’s not fair.

So let me tell you about these two pretty young girls, and trust me on this one because my mail is real good.

They’re hookers.

Escorts on tour, $800 each or $2500 the pair.

That’s why they were in Melbourne, and in Sydney.

They weren’t trying to trick the authorities and jump the border, they were working, and earning heaps.

The cleaning jobs they hold are to fool their parents, who don’t know.

There was no AirBNB party in Melbourne.

They’d rented the joint to do the biz.

Same in Sydney.

God knows which bloke they picked up the virus from, or how many desperate losers who could afford the tariff that they’ve infected, but its hard to feels sorry for the clowns. You can wank over these sort of young, black, collagen lipped, tit-jobbed fantasies for free, and in these dark days of COVID-19 if that’s what floats your boat you should.

I know these things because people in the know have told me, but until I thought I’d caught the virus myself by drinking in a packed pub at Port Douglas and started having nightmares that I might have passed it on to my friends, and family and others I wasn’t going to say, because these girls secret business was their business, not mine.

But now they’ve made mine, and yours , and everyones.

Where do you reckon a cleaner on minimum wage gets the money for real expensive cosmetics surgery, and trips to the south, and AirBNB’s, and flash clothes and swish hair and air fares and parties?

Not from 20 bucks an hour x 4 days x 3 days a week, that’s for sure.

Delilah killed Samson.

Let’s not let these girls kill us.


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