When the Saints Go Marching in – How the Top Tier of Harness Racing Cheats are Doping Horses – And Why – Part 1 – The Beginning

We are all travelling in the footsteps

Of those that’d come before

And we’ll all be reunited

On that new and sunlit shore

When the saints go marching in

When the saints go marching in

Lord, how I want be in that number

When the saints go marching in


There is a simple answer to explain what appears to most to be the recent emergence of inexplicable performance improvements in many harness racing horses.

It is gene doping.

Gene doping is the manipulation of a horse’s cells to make the horse’s body act in a different manner than it would act naturally.

The idea is to make the horse’s body produce more red blood cells than it otherwise would by natural means.

The intent is to create greater oxygen processing capacity in the horse.

The effect is that by doing so, the horse will run longer and further at high speed than it otherwise could naturally.

This is the bicarb milkshake of the 2020’s.

It is cheap, it is easy, and at present it is totally undetectable.

There are harness racing trainers in Australia who are gene doping their horses.

You don’t need me to tell you who they are. The results that they are achieving speak for themselves.

Some of these trainers are also using a variant of gene doping known as gene therapy to repair previously irreparable physical issues in horses.

That is why we are witnessing a number of pacers who have suffered what appeared to be career-ending injuries returning to the race track, and winning.

Over the coming days and weeks on this website we will explain in detail how both gene doping and gene therapy work. The science behind it is by definition extremely complex for lay people to understand, but we will do our best to reduce it down to simple terms.

The science behind it is complex, but the application and administration to horses is not.

It is essentially the same as the administration of EPO, without the risk of detection in a blood or urine test, or swab.

The drugs required for gene doping and gene therapy are not expensive, but to purchase them legally a pharmacist, medical practitioner or veterinary surgeon is required.

Recall the articles about Rod Weightman that we published on this site yesterday.

When the disgraced harness racing trainer was involved in the manufacture of Ice, where did he source his precursor materials from?

A corrupt pharmacist.

In racing, the pharmacist is useful.

But a vet is the key.

All roads lead back to the vet.

The use of shockwave therapy is also integral to the gene doping process.

Electric shocks delivered to a gene doped horse have two very important effects.

One is that they bind the doped cells, and trigger them to act quicker.

The second is that they numb the area to which the shockwave is applied, causing an inured horse to feel no pain.

The drug used is called IOX-2.

There is no requirement to use it on or near race day. In fact, the idea is to inject it many days or weeks before, so that it has time to take full effect.

The required doses of IOX-2 can be purchased legally for under $400.

Those who wish to avoid leaving any record of their purchases can buy the substance illegally from criminal compounding chemists.

Harness racing trainers in the US are using this drug.

At least one has already been caught.

This person has rolled over, and provided extensive information to the FBI about the unlawful practices that he and others have been conducting. He has named names.

This is what the mass arrests in the United States are all about.

The FBI have been watching and listening.

They know who has been buying IOX-2, and why.

The phones and computers of the suppliers were monitored for many months.

An extensive number of recordings have been made, and computer records logged.

A number of Australian and New Zealand trainers have been captured in this covert web.

The information and recordings involving or pertaining to them were passed on to the NZ and Australian authorities many months ago, and a trans-Tasman, cross border taskforce here have been conducting its own covert surveillance on those involved since that time.

Arrests are imminent.

The names involved are some of the biggest in the sport.

Some of them can be found on the honour boards of the Harness Racing Hall of Fame.

When the police have their cases against those involved ready, and move in, all hell is going to break loose.

The cheats should be afraid, be very afraid.

I have named the drug to send a clear signal to them and the broader industry that what I have just told you is not conjecture.

The guilty will know this, and in an attempt to save their skins they will amplify their attempts at assassinating my character and attacking this website, with the view to discrediting the claims we have made.

Ignore them.

These are not claims, they are facts.

And nothing they do now can help them.

It is too late.

The die has long been cast.

Horse doping is like COVID-19.

If we do not act swiftly and decisively to stamp it out, it will come again in waves.

When this dam breaks, cast aside your disbelief and condemn those who will be charged,

They are a cancer on our sport, and a pox on us all.


Remember that name.

And watch this space.


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