Beware Wolves Clothed as Sheep, Trojans B(e)aring Gifts, and Fools on Social Media Pretending to be Peter Profit


It has come to my attention that some clown is running around on social media pretending to be me.

I am not Peter Profit.

That is merely the name of my website, which is named after a great Queensland pacer of the 1970’s that was owned by the great driver Johnny Cremin’s dad, and was my favourite horse as a kid.

I am Archie Butterfly – yes it is my real name, as per my passport below – and my Twitter account is the one that you see above.

So if some idiot contacts you pretending to be me, tell them to piss off, and disregard any rubbish that they may say or claim. They are simply full of shit and attempting to spread untruths in an attempt to discredit me, and more particularly, to discredit the truth of the stories I write.

The guilty always do things like this, because once they are outed they have nothing else but lies. That’s probably the reason I wrote about them in the first place.

Here is a simple example.

The imbecile posing as Peter Profit on Twitter and pretending to be me claims that I fled New Zealand to escape some type of criminal charge, and changed my name to Archie Butterfly in an attempt to avoid detection and hide.

It would have been a bloody good trick wouldn’t it, given that I travel on a New Zealand passport in the name of Archie Butterfly, wouldn’t it?


My life is an open book, and so is my writing.

I don’t work for anyone but myself, and no-one but me influences my work.

I might however put up a paywall some time soon and charge a monthly subscription fee to read. At least that way I might actually earn some of these copious amounts of cash the clowns attacking me claim that I earn, and make them pay for the privilege of enjoying my art, rather than bludging off me and getting it for free.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I say that originality and honesty is.

Only cowards hide behind false accounts or anonymous walls.

I may be many things, but a coward is not one of them, I can assure you of that.

Just try me if you need any proof.

If there is anything you want to know about me. or anything you want to tell me, then just email me at and I will be happy to answer your question, as long as it is politely framed and reasonable.

To the 10 000 good racing people who read this site every day, thanks.

You might not agree with everything I write – you may not agree with any – but that’s fine. At least we are stimulating thought and debate about the sport we love, and that can only be a good thing.

To the handful of bitter and twisted people out there doing what people like them do, I have but two words to say.

Fuck off.





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