The Cowboy is Fab Alright – But How’s Racing Queensland’s Form?


The King of the Country did it again on the weekend, when the wonder from the west Fabs Cowboy won his 7th race this season and his 38th overall by giving his rivals a cold in the Open Handicap at Royal Bundy on Saturday arvo.

The thriller from Drillham’s win at Bundy brought lifted the Cowboy’s career strike rate up to an amazing 43% the win and 63% the place, and his country strike rates to an incredible 62% and 84% apiece, and his lifetime earnings to just shy of the $300 000 mark, s an incredible achievement for a horse who has never won a city race.

This 8-year-old is an absolute marvel, and gee it must be a great thrill for the Currin family from Longreach to own him. Congratulations too to trainer Bevan Johnson, who has done an outstanding job with the old bloke throughout his career. It’s been a top effort, and of course with him qualified for the Country Cup final down the track, and the Bundy Cup looming, there are still plenty of wins in the locker for the Cowboy.

The only stain on Fabs Cowboy’s win if there was one is the incorrect information published by Racing Queensland in their form records.

While I have no doubt that the Cowboy probably could have carried the full 66.5kg that RQ claim he lumped to the line in the win, the fact is that he didn’t. Jockey Rebecca Wilson is a 4 kilo claiming apprentice and took her full allowance in the race, so the old bloke really only carried 62.5kg, not the weight listed.

These mistakes happen all the time with the RQ form, and are clearly some form of inbuilt glitch in the outfit’s computer system, but its one that needs to be fixed up, and sooner rather than later too. The Cowboy and his fans like me deserve a whole lot better.

Anyway, that’s just my pet whinge, and a pimple on an elephant’s bum.

Fabs Cowboy is a giant.

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