The Hottest Race in the Whole Wide World – The Beaten Fave Was Only $1.30 – And Chris Whiteley and Grubby Day are the Most Honest Men in Racing – FIRST PUBLISHED HERE, 26 JUNE 2020

This is race 7 at Cairns yesterday.

The horse in orange is Silent Explorer.

It’s a fair horse too, especially when it runs over 1400 metres or more third-up and leads, just like it did at Canterbury this time 12 months ago.

That’s why the punters sent Silent Explorer out at $1.30 today.

Their speed maps told them that the jockey Chris ‘Witless’ Whiteley would punch the former Sydney galloper out from the barriers, and would either lead or sit outside or behind the only other early pace maker Tambo’s Heart, and kick that fair but not real good rising 9-year-old’s head in when they hit the straight.

Sadly for the suckers who loaded up large hoping to get an easy 30% return on their investments, there ain’t no such thing as easy money.

When Grubby and Witless are riding in the same race, sometimes there are no such thing as speed maps either.

Today was one of those days.


Silent Explorer pinged the lids and landed a clear first after 20 minutes.

“Ho ho ho!” the mugs were singing to themselves.

For about two seconds anyway, until Witless decided to try and choke it.


Choke it he does.

They are crawling up front.

But Chris Whiteley inexplicably takes the $1.30 favourite back to second last.


He stays there too.

Right out the back.

Grubby day has got the leader under a triple grip, and if he went any slower they would arrest him for loitering.

But still Whiteley stays at the back.


At the 800 Grubby has a big look back.

Over his right shoulder, toward the inside.

He doesn’t look out, which is weird, because when you are slow batting in front, 99.9 percent of the time its going to be a horse coming around the outside who is sprint up and pressure you for the lead.


At the 700 Grubby looks back again.

To the inside, not the out.


He does it again at the 600.

Inside, not out.

Why isn’t Grubby Day looking over his left shoulder to see what’s coming?

Because he already knows.

He’s just checking to make sure the SS Witless Whiteley is running to schedule.


It is.

Whitely goes ridiculously wide on the sharp turn.

He decides to cover more ground than the explorers, and does.


Grubby knows he’s gone there, so he says c’mon boy to his mount, and kicks.

They have gone so slow early nothing else has a chance.

Especially not the $1.30 favourite that has been out the back during the Aussie Crawl, and is now covering more ground than a sexton filling in a grave.

Witless loves a good whipping, especially when he is doing it to a defenceless horse.

But he keeps the stick under his arm all the way down until the 150, and even when he pulls it he doesn’t use it very hard.

Grubby and the leader win.

Witless and the $1.30 favourite would have if he’d ridden it properly, but he didn’t, and it gets beaten a length.

Favourite punters just get bashed and robbed.

So does racing integrity.

In the hot race at Casino yesterday someone switched the Stewards Patrol film.

Here they forgot to time the race.

It was the only race they didn’t time all day.

Funny that.

But they still managed to record the last sectional.

Even funnier that.

But how can you time a final 600 metres when your stopwatch isn’t on.

Ha ha ha.

That’s the joke punters.

And it’s on you.


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