If You Believe That David Attenborough Has Resigned From His CEO Post at Tabcorp Because the Time is Just Right, Then I Have the Brooklyn Bridge to Sell You – Twice


David Attenborough is the CEO of Tabcorp.

Attenborough is not the animal wildlife man – that’s a different bloke.

This one is a former chemist who has presided over the Luxbet the debacle, the $71 million loss Sun Bet disasters, the $200 000 bribe paid to the Cambodian Prime Minister, and the $45 million fine that the company copped for money laundering corporate crimes.

The bloke earns $4.5 million a year.

Today he announced his resignation, effective next year, telling the ASX and the shareholder that the time was right.

If you believe that, you believe in fairies, and I have a bridge to sell you.

Tabcorp is about to announce a massive loss.

Attenborough presided over it, and if you subscribe to the buck stopping at the top theory, is responsible for it too.

We all just walk away from near $5 million a year jobs because we feel in our water that it’s a good idea don’t we.

And pink pigs fly.

Tabcorp to chase new CEO - David Attenborough to step down

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