If Tom Dearden is a Sensation, Then Anthony Milford Must Be a Hall of Famer, Paul White CEO of the Year, Karl Morris the Chairman of the Century, and Anthony Seibold a Supercoach – Puhlease!


They just don’t learn from their mistakes these idiots in charge of the once great Brisbane Broncos.

Poor young Anthony Milford was devastating at fullback in his breakthrough season at the Raiders. Then the Broncos bought him, tossed him into a 5/8th position that his game and skill set were totally unsuited to, and ruined him.

Milford – like most young guns – is a confidence player.

Seibold destroyed it, absolutely smashed the kids self-belief into a million pieces, breaking it so bad that it doesn’t matter where you put him in the back line anymore, as long as this half-baked excuse for a coach is in charge he will never get it back.

He did the same to Brodie Croft.

Why the hell would you put a young bloke who had played less than ten first grade games a season over 4 years in charge of running an NRL side, instead of easing him into the role? Because the imbeciles running the club wouldn’t know footy from Frankenstein, and recruited all wrong is why.

Cooper Cronk is 100 percent right. It’s not the kids fault, and what’s been done to him is just downright cruel, the same as what the Broncos have done to Milford.

And now they are going to do it again.

Not that long ago teenage Tom Dearden wasn’t considered good enough to steer the Broncos around the paddock. Now all of a sudden he is.


The kid is just 19 and he’s being thrown into the lions den.

Is Seibold insane?

Or he is just a terrible coach?

Both I reckon.

Why else would he keep playing the one-legged old cripple that the great Darius Boyd has become because the Broncos leaders didn’t manage his terrible injury a couple of years ago correctly, and threw him back out in the field when the poor bastard could hardly even walk, let alone run and step?

Why would anyone ever consider making a lunatic home invader like Matthew Lodge the captain of a croquet team, let alone an NRL team?

They are good questions, but I have an even better one.

Why would anyone keep Seibold on as their coach?

I will tell you why.

Because if he goes, then the board does too.

They’re gone.

We’re all just counting down the seconds now, and thank God for that.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Just don’t blame the kids, that’s all.

Blame the fools in charge.



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