The Secret to a 25 Year Happy Marriage – A Cup of Viagra Laden Tea, a Bunch of Bananas, and a Pair of His and Her Noise Cancelling Headphones


If every married Australian splashed out 400 bucks each on two pairs of noise cancelling headphones, there would be no divorce in this country.

It might put Yeah Good’s missus and a whole lot of other head shrinkers out of business, but it’s a small price to pay for domestic harmony, and besides, there will be a whole new industry created by kids who don’t take drugs wanting to talk to someone about how happy their oldies are, and how gross it is that they have to hear them rattling them rattling the cage of the King Bed every night, and then twice again in the morning.

What’s wrong with the young people of today? I hear they only do the wild thing a few times a week, if they’re having a good run on the pull. Weaklings.


Do the tin lids a favour.

Buy them a pair of these for their birthday.

It’s the best present they will ever get.

And you will never have to listen to them whinge about your loud bonking again.

Happy anniversary Maggie.

Gee you’re lucky to have met me.

Well something like that anyway.

Lucky love is blind hey?



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