Just to Rub Salt in Young Hadyn Flynn the Bookie’s Burning Wounds – The Back Story of the Great Rock n’ Roll Atherton Golf Robbery of 2020


As part of the wind up to the sting, I even told Flynn that I was pulling a hustle on hole two, and the worse I got as the round went on, the more I reminded him of it.

Ever been fishing for Marlin?

You gotta get ’em on the line before you can land ’em.

Young Flynny took the bait hook, line and bloody sinker.

At 34 feet out on the 18th, he thought he’d sunk us.

I gave Sticky the wink and the nod, and tripled the bet, and Hadyn took the bait.


Your partner in a bush game for plenty ever beaten Peter Thompson, Kel Nagle or Jack Newton?

Or carded a 64 in the Australian Open?

Didn’t think so.




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