Heads Must Roll at Harness Racing NSW – This Just Isn’t On


This is how much the control body for the chariot racing sport Harness Racing New South Wales (HRNSW) spent on employee salaries in the year 2015.

At the time, the gross income of HRNSW was $32 959 727.

Employee salaries as a percentage of income were less than 1%.


This is how much HRNSW spent on employee salaries last year.

HRNSW gross income in 2019 was $59 697 699.

Employee salaries as a percentage of income are now almost 8.5%.


The gross income has less than doubled, but the amount spent on staff has multiplied more than eight times.


This is the prizemoney paid in NSW harness racing in 2005 (top) and last year (bottom).

It has gone up by less than 70%.

Employee salaries have increased by nearly 850%,



This (above) is how much HRNSW spent on travel in 2005.

This (below) is how much it spent last year.


Gross revenue has increased by 80%.

Prizemoney has increased 70%.

But ……

Employee costs have gone up 850%.


Travel costs have gone up 580%.


Do you smell something?

I do.

It’s the same smell that cut prizemoney across the board by 20 percent three months ago.

Peter V’Landys is horrified by the extravagant and utterly wasteful spending at the NRL since he became Chairman and looked closely at the books.

What the hell would PVL think about what has happened at HRNSW since he left for the gallops?

This is a disgrace.

And owners, trainers, drivers and breeders are the ones who are suffering.

Heads must roll.

CEO John Dumesny’s must be first.

Don’t won’t about John.

He’ll be right.

He always has his super.

I wonder why a salaried CEO of a trot joint has a self-managed super fund?

Some things are just to strange to ponder.

I wonder if his contributions into it went up by 850% too?

I’m sure he will tell us.

On the same day that Chris Gleeson and Greg Bennett with another premiership.

Don’t you worry about that.



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