Can Anyone Spare the Stewards a Form Guide?


Well all I can say is that if you believe what Dale Smith told the Stewards, I’d like you to come down to Kangaroo Point because I have a Story Bridge to sell you.

The only things that I can see in Smith explanation that is true is that (a) his 100-1 pop mount Dee Cee Delight did lay off in the straight, and (b) by doing so he presented the favourite Dashing Special with the best saloon passage up the fence that you’ve ever seen in your life.

Was it the horse’s doing or Smith’s?

I dunno.

There are a lot of things I don’t know really.

Why Pat Duff and co-owner Mr R. Chang bother to keep on racing Dee Cee Delight, who had 53 starts for a single, lonely win.

Why Dale Smith told the Stewards that Dee Cee Light is better suited to wet tracks, when he has only ridden the cat three times, once on a dry surface when it ran third in a race in town, and twice in the soft when it got beaten out of sight.

Why the Stewards believed him, given that Dee Cee Delight had raced 21 times in the mud for just the one win.

Why these same Stewards just didn’t pick up a race book and check whether Smith’s tall tale was untrue.

Why a jockey of the calibre of Dale Smith is riding 100-1 shots in midweeks.

Why Pat Duff was racing the old nonnie in a race fifteen ratings point above his class, at a time when the weight scales have been temporarily compressed due to Covid-19, and any weight advantage he might have received pre-virus has disappeared.

Most of all though, I just wonder.

Wonder why anyone bets on Brisbane racing at all.

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