Row Row Row Your Boat – Racing Appeals are Just a Scheme – Baylee, Baylee, Baylee, Baylee – Integrity’s But a Dream


So the first act of the farce is complete.

The QRIC internal reviewer ‘Captain’ Kane Ashby has upheld the Stewards decision to send Baylee Nothdurft out for three months for pulling up Vega One at the Sunny Coast to protect his favourable handicap in the Straddie.

I personally reckon the Captain was soft. I would have doubled or tripled the penalty myself, but such is life.

Nothdurft’s lawyers of course ducked straight down to QCAT, lodged an application for external review, applied for a stay and got it that day.

You bloody beauty.

Now the convicted horse hooker can ride on and win the premiership, just to make a bigger mockery of the appeals system than it already is.

What a joke.

The only question now is what happens when he gets a decision out of QCAT in a couple of years time (if they’re working quick), and it confirms his guilt and penalty.

Weir and Currie got stripped of their training premierships.

Will Nothdurft lose his too?

He should.

But don’t hold your breath.

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