Give the Kid a Break – Go And Do a Pre-Race Swab, or Post-Race Test a Runner-Up Instead


Young jockey Michael Murphy is going like a busted arse.

He can still ride, but as a result of the bad attitude he displayed through the latter part of his apprenticeship, and his lack of self-discipline during the same period, no trainer wants to put him on.

As a result until yesterday Michael had only kicked home 3 winners from his previous 50 rides.

His old master and friend Lindsay Gough put him on one at Royal Gatton yesterday, and thanks to a cracker of a ride by the kid, it won, on its ear.

Murphy got excited, and when he had the race in the bag he gave the owners a salute.

He wasn’t grandstanding or anything.

All he did was point the whip.


And the Stewards banged him $100 bucks for it, and reminded the kid about his responsibility to ride his horses out to the line.

I thought animal welfare was a our priority.

Why would you keep booting a horse who is bolting home in the guts?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


I’ve heard Michael is in a stable relationship these days, and getting his life and hopefully his career back on track.

Good on him, he’s a lovely young man when he’s sober, and a damned good rider too.

He’s made his mistakes, and he’s done his time.

Get off his back Stewards, and give the kid a break.

Why don’t you go and do a pre-race swab, or post race test a runner up instead?



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