For F*ck Sake – What Hope Have We Got?


This is the report in today’s Courier-Mail.

If it true, then I fear for the future of Queensland racing.

I hate to tell the Commissioner this, because he should already know, but it seems that he doesn’t so someone has to set Mr Barnett straight.

A significant number of normal horses do not, and will not, return TCO2 readings of 34.

In fact very few do.

As Harness Racing Australia point out below, a TCO2 level reading of 33 is seldom exceeded, very seldomly indeed.


Where is the Commissioner getting his information from?

Nathan Exelby?

Jared Wehlow?


Ryan Wiggins?

Perhaps even Denis Holbeck.

He is certainly not getting it from Dr Karen Caldwell who runs the Racing Science Lab.


Nah, he must be getting it straight from the drench’s mouth.

The salt water drench that is.

Darryl Hansen, Queensland racing’s most innocent man.

Dazza is not bad.

He’s just drawn that way.

For f*ck sake.

What hope have we actually got?




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