Come Sail Your Ships Around Me – But Make Sure You Steer Them Wide


The horse the arrow is pointed to in the picture above is Phobetor, running in race 3 at Doomben yesterday and ridden by Brad Stewart.

The horse in the white with the blue cap and bands on its sleeves below is Kaonic, running in race 6 at the same meeting and ridden by Mark Du Plessis.

Both horses are in pretty much the same position at the top of the straight aren’t they?


There was a big difference between the pair though.

Du Plessis didn’t want to win.

Stewart did.

He was proactive, and forced the gap.


The other bloke wouldn’t have gone through it if it was ten miles wide.

That’s because the race was red hot.


If you don’t believe me just on the evidence of Du Plessis’s ride alone, then in my opinion you’re a moron who wouldn’t know how to read a race if your life depended on it.

To help you along the path to enlightenment, I want you to ask yourself two questions.

Chris Waller had five runners in the race.

One of them was Le Juge.

Question number 1 – it comes in two parts.

Why did that horse’s jockey Michael Cahill steer it in on top of Du Plessis?

And why did Du Plessis let him?

Question number two has nothing to do with Waller, or not on the surface anyway.

Robbie Fradd rides a lot for Winxy,

This time he was on Man to Match, a non-Waller runner on the outside.

Why did Fradd steer that horse so wide on the turn?


The Stewards didn’t ask, so we will never know.

That’s a shame.

It’s shameful too.

He’s a real good Chief Steward that Peter Chadwick, isn’t he?

Just ask the blokes in Singapore.


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